Blogchatter Prompt – ‘I wish I were’ a caterpillar – a poetry

A caterpillar with 50 heads, hundred hands and hundred lets can do it all.


I wish I were a caterpillar,

With hundred arms and hundred legs

And maybe, fifty different heads.


read-50-booksI would carry 50 books of each kind

and read them all at a time.

I would watch 50 different movies,

and 50 Television series.

Then later play a 50 games too.


I would travel to 50 different places,

Meet 50 different people,

And get to know all of them too.



I would dance to 50 tunes and

play a 50 instruments

And then sing a 50 songs too.




I would play 50 different sports,

win each one and wear all the 50 golds

in all of my 50 heads.



I would write and blog,

chat and ping,

share and tweet,

via 50 accounts on repeat.



I would hate 50 thingshave-many-love-affairs

and love another 50

ignore 50 people

and love another 50

follow 50 passions

and pursue 50 dreams.


go-back-to-bedAs I would be the caterpillar,

One with 50 different heads,

and double the arms and legs.

That could do all of it,

Have all of it,

Until all the 50, went back to bed.


This poetry was written for the #BLOGCHATTER PROMPT: I WISH I WERE. The idea behind the prompt is that since childhood we have these wishes to be someone and have some things. These wishes continue to grow as we grow up. They may lessen for some, but they are always present throughout our life. These wishes are our aspirations that drive us ahead in life. That’s what made me think, “If I have so many wishes which I cannot fulfill alone, then what if I were a caterpillar with many heads and limbs, I could do so many things, be so many things.” I am not sure if that would lead to a happy and fulfilling life, but it does sound like it would be fun.  


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  • Vasantha Vivek

    Lovely poem. Enjoyed reading your wish. 50 os this and 50 of that … wow …. May your wish come ture !!!

  • This is a great idea .Read 50 books at the same time sounds superb

    • Ya Amrita! Won’t we all be so knowledgeable then, finishing our academic career in 5 years, school to college to uni 😉

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    Awesome poem and great ideas.. dancing to 50 tunes at a time is a great idea. 🙂

  • Manisha Garg

    Loved it ..caterpillar and 100 legs …really

    • Thanks for dropping by Manisha, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Durga Prasad Dash

    It is good idea. But remember the story of caterpillar who wanted to think and walk and discovered it could not do so. 😀

    • haha thanks for pooping over my caterpillar dreams 😀

  • superbbbbb loved it

    • Hey Ruchi! Thanks, looking forward to reading your prompt 🙂

  • Reema Michelle D’souza

    Hahaha..I so loved this poem. It was so much fun reading it. Well these days I wish I had 50 pairs of hands and legs and yeah a 100 heads!

    • haha! Don’t we all wish for more and more!!! RAWRR a 1000 heads and hands and legs!
      Thanks Reema for the lovely prompt! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • richasingh

    Omkar I always say I love your writing style. It has a flavor of its own.. and how perfectly you crafted this post here 🙂 I wish I were a caterpillar ! Suits me 🙂

  • Ramya

    Hahaha. I loved your take on the prompt, Omkar. If you put it this way then I would live to be a Caterpillar! I wish I had one extra brain so that it could do the vital thinking . 😉😜

  • Loved this poem! There are days when I really do wish I had a clone or two. Well, 50 heads and 50 pairs of arms and legs may just work too! 😉

  • Saumy Nagayach

    Lovely poem, Omkar! There is so much to do in this lifetime and we have just limited resources to fulfill our wishes. I really liked the way you covered every aspect of your wishes in such a simple, yet beautiful manner! Keep writing buddy! 😊

  • That’s a huge wishlist and I wish we all had 50 hands and legs and hours in a day to do all that we want to do but just a question , isn’t a caterpillar kind of slow? maybe I’d like to be a ninja like Po – then I can eat 50 momos too , what say?

  • Jaibala

    I actually wish I had 50 pairs hands and legs, 49 of them would be running after S. Ah! that would have been less tiring.