Year 2017 Goals – A #Blogchatter Resolution



To start with new goals or re-defined old goals, it would be good to review and reflect on the goals set and achieved or uncompleted last year. I began setting ‘concrete’ goals for my blogging and writing journey with Blogchatter‘s Half Time activity in July 2016. I did list down some clear manageable goals but didn’t follow up with them up due to several reasons.

Mid-Year 2016 Goals Recap

  1. One blog post per week
  2. Promoting Cycling through blogging (written blogposts and video blogs)
  3. Defining the blogs focus and getting a team to write regularly for the blog
  4. Starting a video channel for the blog
  5. Producing content related to cycling more frequently

Most of them are doable goals, so I wonder what prevented me from executing them. Before I write down my goals for this year, I think it will better if I start by listing the reasons that prevented me from executing my past goals as this will prevent a repeat of the same scenario.

Probable Reasons for non-completion

  1. Lack of a well-defined strategy plan.
    • A plan that defines the small steps to be followed for complete the goals along with a schedule for those steps.
  2. Goals/Progress Review
    • Reviewing the defined goals on a weekly basis and evaluating progress made or not made.

And now with that in mind, I can begin sharing the new (refined) goals for the year, most of which I have already shared before during Blogchatter’s Blogbuddy 3.0. These were only my blogging goals which I had also refined and added to when submitting my Blogchatter Resolutions.

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Aside from these blogging goals, I will also jot down my work/career goals.

Let me start with…

Blogging Goals 2017

  1. Publishing at least 4 Blogposts per week  – 1 written and 3 audio/video posts.
  2. Connecting with a blogger or a tribe for new projects and collaborations (related to cycling, food, environment) – One community project at least per quarter.
  3. Identify the scope of my blog, define a growth plan and form a team of 3-5 Content Writers to execute it.
  4. Earning 500 unique Blog Subscribers in the first Half of 2016.

Other Goals 2017 

  1. Learning Video Production (this will help me with video blogging) – Mastering Premiere in the First Quarter.  
  2. Pursuing Literature through writing, reading, performing plays. – Write one short story each quarter and attend at least 2 Nouveau Art Play Reading Group sessions in each quarter.
  3. Learning & Writing in Mother Tongue – Marathi. – > Getting an article (poetry or text) published in a publication online or print in the first 4 months.

So that is it. And this is the first post of the week. 3 more posts to go and a whole lot of other things.


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  • This looks terrific.. Gives me a boost to attempt some things too. It is good to keep targets but also equally important to check things on a daily basis. 🙂

  • Jaibala

    Great blogging goals to have. Wishing you luck and success on your blogging mission.

  • Great goals. All the best for 2017!

  • Ah I hope your goals are on their way to completion. Looks like mine is already down the drain. All the very best with yours 🙂