Search of life started off as a small intention to capture and share the discoveries and wonders of the space and cosmos. A literal search of life. That’s the idea two guys had in mind when starting this website.

But with time, as more people came on board, this blog expanded into a broader attempt at capturing not only the life and possibilities outside our planet, but also the deeper aspects of life down here our planet, of things that surround us and also those that lie within us.

Over time, our team has grown – writers, website developers, designers, and other skilled creative professionals have joined us. As a result, we are now capable of producing content on a regular basis and we aim to sustain that consistency.  

Like always, this blog will continue to remain a platform that’s driven by a constant search for things that are awe-inspiring, inspirational, meaningful, and capable of stirring change.

Some History..

This blog started 4 years ago. And honestly, even though we had great aspirations, we, as a team, have not been able to back our ambition with the needed time, dedication and effort. So we have been quite inconsistent in terms of giving attention to this space.

The Road Ahead..

But now, with all the experience we have gained working in this digital space over the years, we feel we are ready to deliver.

As a team we have spend countless hours writing, blogging, attending workshops, building websites, managing online projects, and interacting with various communities.

So this time around, we are well-equiped and armed enough experience and thus much more ambitious about seeing and ensuring that this blog grows and fulfills its true potential.

The Idea..

Our main idea here is to create and share content that will inspire our readers to take the next step and possibly stir up the spirit of seeking and create a movement of learning.

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