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The Book of Comfort – The Perfect Daily Companion is a square 16x16cm hardbound velvety and cushy inspirational guide book. This is one of those very rare well-designed books (both from outside and inside – the text, the styling, and layout, the illustrations etcetera) all of which makes it stand out among a pile of hundred other books. It has a satin bound cover with an elastic clasp that keeps the book locked up close.

And as a result of this level of craftsmanship put into the designing of this manuscript, it was the first to catch my attention, in spite of being surrounded by an enormous pile of books laid across a long table, which was covered entirely in generously discounted books.

With price cuts from 30% to 70%! – At Crossword Bookstore at Kemps Corner, Mumbai.

They had this nifty color coding system where they attached a particular color sticker for a specific discount value, books with 30% off had a GREEN color sticker on the back, the 50% ones had an ORANGE one and the 70% ones had a bright YELLOW sticker.


There were some amazing books from all various categories some in great condition, some tattered and bruised | 🙁 |, all of which had been overlooked and ignored by readers (and also the store staff) over the years.

The Book of Comfort: The Perfect Daily Companion, is an artistic partly illustrated compilation of thoughts, ideas, quotes, each one originating from their own unique timeline and born from the great people who lived during that period.

You might think what purpose a quote book serves, especially when you have all the quotes there are in the world floating around on the web available at the ‘click of a button’.

Think again!

Even if you considered quote repositories organized with hashtags, they still will leave you on an endless trailing path with nothing much concrete to offer.

And this here is a well curated book of quotes divided into four main sections, each one filled with guidance, lessons and insights on various general aspects of life through the words of psychotherapists, writers, novelists, poets, musicians, politicians, actors and actresses, sportspersons, ministers, philosophers, astronauts, presidents, scientists, inventors, spiritual and religious leaders etc.

This mixture which spans across the four main sections of the book is divided into –

1. Everyday Comforts
2. Hope, Love, And Dreams
3. Overcoming Adversity
4. Persistence

The Book of Comfort is a lovely collection of consoling thoughts, meditations, and quotations–culled from the minds and hearts of our most famous writers, spiritual leaders, artists, musicians, philosophers, and leaders–that provides solace in trying times and spiritual support every day of the year. Beautifully illustrated and including wisdom on such topics as work, love, family, mourning, and the world around us, it makes a thoughtful gift that will be cherished in good times and bad.

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It is published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc. who are renowned for such aesthetical book designs. They have a whole Satin Series collection with satin bound covers and clasps as their standout feature. Check this Barnes and Noble Book Category Satin Ser. to find more such books published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.


One of the finest compliments we ever received was one from a gentleman who was browsing through our books at a book show a few years ago. He said, “I don’t have to have any of your books, but I sure want a lot of them.”

Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

If you want to want books that you can treasure not just for their content but for their aesthetics, then this is the way to go! Black Dog & Leventhal Books!

Trust me, based on the price you pay for them you get more than you can ask for (14.95$ discounted to half 7.4$ for a book published in 2003 though looks as fresh as if it were published just yesterday).

And unlike those special editions which appear once a while you won’t have to shell out the sum of an entire bookshelf for these. They compare with your normal hardbound prices but with an added edge of suave niceness and a touch of elegance.

So, remember, if you stumble across a sale or do plan to impulsively pick up few books, keep an eye out for Black Dog & Leventhal Books. Watch out for the watchdog on the book cover!

Check out the short Instagram video review (15 seconds long) of the book below! 


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