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Since it was the last day of our Kashmir trip, it was bittersweet, as it marked the end of an unforgettable adventure in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sonmarg, our final location for exploration was the red cherry on top. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Sonmarg was stunning with its natural beauty, pristine landscapes, and snow-capped mountains.

Our morning began with suspense as we were still not sure if the road to Sonmarg would be open. The reason being that 2 days before there had been a landslide due to which the main road was closed down. We got ready by 8 in the morning and waited anxiously for the good news. Our prayers were answered!! A bypass road had been opened for the public until they cleared the main road. Although, when we reached the location, the dumpers were busy clearing the snow from the roads.

dumpers clearing snow sonmarg
Dumpers Clearing Snow

The entire journey from Srinagar to Sonmarg is beautiful. Once we touch the Leh National Highway, one can see clouds trapped between mountains, and a stream flowing beside throughout the route. As we neared Sonmarg, our driver said that further ahead our car wouldn’t be allowed as we are supposed to take a car with chains on the wheels to avoid skidding on the steep road. So we took a different car as well as negotiated the price for the Snowmobile and sledge ride which would take us to Thajiwas Glacier, the main attraction at Sonmarg.

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That 7-8 km to Sonmarg after changing the car was absolutely mesmerizing. One can enjoy the Himalayan range at its fullest glory during this stretch. We stopped by a bridge for some snaps and continued ahead. The density of snow kept on increasing as we kept going ahead. The road as well had thick patches of snow and we could really see why cars with chains are needed.

hotel glacier sonmarg
Hotel Glacier

We reached a point where we had to take a snowmobile to go ahead. The ride was quite short thanks to the smooth blanket of snow the snowmobile blazed through. From quite a distance we could clearly see the immense size of the Thajiwas Glacier.

After getting down from the Snowmobile we spent some time there and waited for the sledge ride. The entire surrounding was covered with towering mountain peaks with thick snow. The picturesque sight was so beautiful, one wouldn’t want to leave the place.

We began the sledge ride and after about 5 minutes we realized how strenuous it was going to be. The ride was an exercise by itself! I really admire the people who were pulling our entire body weight going up. One can only imagine the effort which is put in by the porters who take such heavy equipment on their backs to Everest Expeditions.

Sonmarg Sledge Ride
Sledge Ride

For us, this stretch was as good as climbing the Everest! We even fell from our sledges at a few places, but it was fun. After some time we decided to walk rather than put our bodies under so much strain while sitting on the sledge. The carriers also readily agreed to the same.

The depth of snow was definitely more than 10 feet as we kept moving ahead. The road ahead was literally made by us as there was no one in sight. We reached a fenced area which had a small hut in the middle. This particular location was also used for the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Thajiwas Glacier which is 9,186 feet above sea level was right in front of us gleaming in the sun. Witnessing this nature’s jewel with no one else around was a heavenly experience. All we could see were tall pine trees at a distance and thick snow.

thajiwas glacier sonmarg
Thajiwas Glacier

A lot of work is being carried out in Sonmarg and nearby areas and it is expected that tourism would surely bloom in the coming years. With the recent G20 Summit also held in Srinagar, it is for sure that more prominence has been highlighted in the Kashmir region.

While coming back from Sonmarg, we also stopped by Manasbal Lake, the deepest freshwater lake in Kashmir. A beautiful sunset awaited us which gave us a perfect ending to a memorable day of outing.

manasbal lake kashmir
Manasbal Lake

During this trip, we were fully immersed in the present moment, savouring every experience and enjoying every new discovery as we explored new places. Getting up early every day was quite a challenge but we were up for it and took it as a mission. The excitement and adventure we experienced on this trip were totally worth the while.

As the journey drew to a close, I felt a sense of gratitude for the experiences and memories I gained on this trip, as well as a longing to return to this magical corner of the world in the future.

Watch this adventurous trip in the video.

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