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Lal Bagh Botanical Garden – A Man-Made Green Planet

  In our previous posts, we have covered some beautiful locations like the Vale of Kashmir which has some of the best gardens in the...

View Climate Change Now in Animation

  A new NASA animation reveals how currents circulate, and their possible impact on climate change. James Lloyd investigates. This striking image of the North...

Can Geoengineering Prevent Climate Change?

  Climatic changes over the years have resulted in rising concerns of our planet's future among scientists all over the world. Famed British scientist James...

The Essence of Earth Hour

  The immense development, flourishing and growth of the planet Earth and its human societies have not been all green. All the progress has come...

A Dialogue With Nature : Part II

  Only intelligence, culture and religious faith can lead us out of the state of Animality that consumes nature thoughtlessly, leaving a barren wasteland. Because...

A Dialogue With Nature

  Nature is like a mirror. it remains still, but we move. it seems unchanging, yet we are constantly changing. The mirror of nature reflects...