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The immense development, flourishing and growth of the planet Earth and its human societies have not been all green. All the progress has come at a great cost. The geographical expanse and population diversity have caused severe complexities in communication, awareness, and education, in turn affecting the relationship of man and planet earth.

It has definitely taken long to realize the impact of our lives on this nurturing and life sustaining land, which has been our home for over millions of years, though the advancement in the social, cultural and moral development through civilization came to occur a few thousand years ago. Gradually, the reverse impact is now surfacing at a rather shocking rate. Essentially, this global adversity is nothing but the backfiring of our unworldly actions.

Earth Hour is a step towards protecting our planet. Organized by the international non-governmental organization, World Wide Fund for Nature, this is one such measure aimed to spread the awareness among the global community.

Though the main objective of the Earth Hour is to temporarily shut the use of power/electricity for an hour (8:30 pm to 9:30 pm) on the 29th of March (Saturday, India) it serves more as an impetus in bringing front the urgency of the situation and encourages participation of the global populace, that will help build a better sustainable world.

Saving just for one hour out of a 24 hour day, from the 365 days long year might seem like a mere formality when you consider the fact that except for that hour, we have a global count of 7 billion plus people reversing the effect, by contributing to the exact opposite cause, totally overshadowing this one hour of saving.

That is why this one hour serves the purpose of being a symbolic event aiming to give rise to many more far sustainable solutions. Also, saving is not something against the law, so whether or not there is a cause behind it, we can always turn off the lights for at least an hour or half daily, in turn multiplying the savings, thus reducing the damage.

Also, with the lights being off during that period, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be an occasion for celebration. There several activities to promote this event, and make it a more effective community-based solution. Activities and campaigns can include musical evenings, cyclothons, walkathons, candlelit marches, dance performances, magic shows, flash mobs and recycling drives, and more, all while keeping the main objective at its center-contribution towards a brighter future.


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