Total Mind Transformation – Part One



It is already known and proven, time and again. The power of mind. Yet left unharnessed, so many major diseases and smallest of illnesses all rooted in the mind, right where the solution or the great answer lies. Mind is the central controller. 

The mind plays, with you and even against you, many times, it keeps on dancing and prancing, like a capricious toddler. But it is innocent as it is clever. And it can change, transform into something unimaginable if you let it to. The sprightly cheerful being can lose its purity and turn into deceptively wicked master, or rather a monster, if you let it loose.

That is why it needs to be understood, trained and nurtured. Those are the roots of the blossoming tree, a structure that is your entire being, the embodiment that is you, your whole body- your arms, legs, heart and each and every part.

The Key To Enlightenment
We have already seen, how self-governance through persistence, diligence, focus and discipline can get us the life we desire, one filled with success, riches, passion, fulfillment.

Your will is the only thing in the world that can turn a wish into an actuality and a dream into a reality.

The same great author, an advocate of discipline, clearly emphasizes, how your perfect vision of yourself, the image you hold in your mind, one of perfection, one that you earnestly wish to be, can become and can happen.

In Robin Sharma’s words, let’s call this idea of the best form of yourself which is a likely ‘you’ in the future, a positive, serene, and inspired individual. And you will soon again come to realize the power of mind, and where the answer lies.

Enlightened thinkers know that their thoughts form their world and the quality of one’s life comes down to the richness of one’s thoughts. If you want to live a more peaceful, meaningful life, you must think more peaceful, meaningful thoughts.

To truly function at maximum capacity, to unleash the dormant energy reserves that lie untouched and untapped. This is the key. As mind is indeed the creator of our lives. The one that imagines, wills and builds.

Everything always happens twice. Before it takes form in reality it takes place in our mind, in the form of thoughts. Our mind conjures it before it actually happens.

So what of a broken mind? A broken reality? And we have several thousands of such weak and desolate minds coming together in the form of groups and societies, forming a broken nation.

This is why, train and nurture the mind to create thoughts that will build a better reality.

Find more of Robin Sharma’s work and his books on his website.


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