If you delay actions, you delay life. Act today!



There is this tendency to delay what’s important until you are submerged in it neck deep and you have no other option but to confront it. This happens in our life, whether with regards to our health, or career choices or an important life decision like getting married or even something like wearing an helmet while riding a bike.

I was driving home in my car. As I reached a junction in my area, I saw a motorcyclist ahead of me who had his helmet hung around his side mirror. As he was nearing the junction signal, he got it off from the side mirror with his left hand and quickly placed it over his head in an attempt to avoid being caught by the cop standing on the other side of the signal.

His behavior reminded me of our typical attitude towards many things in life.

A helmet is a life-saving equipment first and a fine-avoiding tool later.

We wait for things to reach a critical point when we have no other choice but to confront them and finally make that choice we have been delaying all along. Instead of standing up and taking action we let things corner ourselves like a rat, and when we finally have no way to run, we submit to it. And that also for the wrong reasons.

Proactive vs Reactive?
Why do things only to avoid the consequence? Why not do them for the real reason why they need to be done in the first place?

Breaking a rule or a law and paying a fine shouldn’t be the motivation for action but your willingness to take personal responsibility to ensure road safety and actively share the road with others by following the rules.

It’s like you won’t spit or throw garbage on the road because you don’t want to pay a fine and not because you want to keep it clean since you use it along with many others.

What helmet are you delaying to wear? Why?

So my question to you is? What are you delaying today? A career choice? A critical health issue? or simply a blog post?

Are you waiting for someone to knock on the door to remind you? Or is your own personal reason enough to get you to do things?

Find your reason, connect it to the action that is needed and execute!

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  1. Well Omkar, this is a rather pertinent question everyone needs to ask themselves! Personally I am the kind who does almost everything at the last minute and keep cursing myself for my fool-hardiness, but time and again, history repeats itself! You are absolutely right, one needs to do things for the right reasons and at the right time. ***going into guilt shell to count all the things postponed****

    • HAHA! Kala! I can related to that. It is a cycle which is hard to break, but breaking it is totally worth it. We might have to stop doing what we are always doing and are used to doing, but that is the only way to get something new done and reach a different place from where we are now. A place where we know our reasons and we begin doing what is needed without delay 🙂

  2. The helmet problem is one that plagues most cities today. People are not willing to take their own safety into consideration. I’ve seen people wear caps and watermelons on their heads and getting away with it.

    • haha melons and caps! Srikanth, this exact helmet problem reveals the similar patterns visible in our underlying motivations and priorities. So as much as it is a problem of our personal safety on the road, it is also a problem of our safety in other parts of our lives. 🙂

  3. We all assume helmet is for traffic police and not for our safety. In life, I know I don’t plan and execute stuff leading to troubles and poor time management yet I continue to do the same.

    • Exactly Ramya! Our motivations often aren’t in the right place. It requires some daily work to get out of that cycle, and it is totally worth it! To get something new, or reach a new place, you have to sometimes stop doing what you are and start doing what is needed 🙂 That is the only way out 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Abhinav! Stepping back once a while, and reviewing our life – the daily activities, the choices we are making – is a very helpful way to get a clear idea of where we are headed and be prepared for life 🙂


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