These Apps make Online Dating smarter and safer

online dating apps become matrimonial services for today's youth


Dating online is something that is taking the world by storm. There are various apps available, but only select few make it to the top. Tinder is one such app, wherein you select the criteria you want, and you get the desired profiles. It is pretty straight forward, swipe right if you are interested in the person and left if you are not. If they respond similarly, with a right swipe then your date isn’t so far away. It is pretty convenient but also how things will turn out can vary a lot and it can be unpredictable.

From people who are hesitant to make a move even online to those who are bordering on sexual excitement, the kind of encounters you will have on such apps are quite unique. Some sign up only to make sure that people who are already uncomfortable using such apps definitely stay away from them. Such people are usually the ones known for their impatience and their intense desire to kill you by buzzing you nonstop.

But not everyone has a sour experience. Dev Kapoor, a 21-year-old actor/model from Mumbai found his soul mate on Tinder. He also uses the app to widen his social circle. Aside from catering to his social and personal life, this app has also given him access to plenty of avenues for his professional life. This handsome guy suggests giving the girls some space and allowing them to initiate the conversation. This seems to have worked out well for him, so you can definitely take his advice seriously.

dating apps are todays smart alternatives for the SLOW and complicated matrimonial services.

On the other hand, Amlan Dutta, a 31-year-old engineer from Mumbai gets enough likes for his typical personality, but he has never quite reached the dating phase. It’s a much more moderate and slow process for him. His use of the app isn’t as extensive, though he does take the initiative occasionally. Sometimes the talks are funny, at times intense, but after few days, these interactions trail off without leading anywhere. This could be probably because once people reach their 30s they are relatively content and also have a better idea of the kind of partner they are looking for.

Today, many people across different age groups have started trusting such apps as they work like a smarter, faster, hassle-free alternative to your typical matrimonial service. So even though there is the uncomfortable prospect of talking directly to a stranger online, you have this hassle-free straightforward service that gets quick results and is directly in sync with our instant solution culture.

Women often have messy experiences when it comes to online dating, but now there is a solution..

Garima Tiwari, a 22-year-old Marketing professional was in for a surprise when she started swiping every guy right. After she swiped fifty guys right, all of the fifty swiped back to match her. Her conclusion of this experiment was, “This shows how desperate guys are when it comes to dating, something which will obviously freak out any girl.”

Women often have messy experiences when it comes to online dating. As a solution to this, Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe co-founded another dating app called Bumble. Its USP? Only women can make the first move to chat and, within 24 hours of getting a match the connection disappears. Both features effectively take away the sourness of the online dating experience that countless women face.

Match Group the parent company of Tinder also has other apps such as PlentyOfFish, Match, HowAboutWe, OkCupid, JSwipe. And, if you add the competitors into the equation, the list of dating apps available keeps growing with each app having their own pros and cons. Some of these apps even have a compact online version.

In the end, whichever app you choose and whichever way you swipe, left or right, being righteous will definitely get things moving in the right direction for you.


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