Lal Bagh Botanical Garden – A Man-Made Green Planet



In our previous posts, we have covered some beautiful locations like the Vale of Kashmir which has some of the best gardens in the world. Amidst the busy streets of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, India a vast space is occupied by greenery. One can hear the rustling of leaves, and the temperature within this perimeter would easily be 2-3 degrees lower as than the other regions of the city. Hailed as the IT hub of India, Bengaluru is rightly called the Garden City of India, thanks to the magnificent Lal Bagh Botanical Garden.

One of the Entrances to the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Make sure you have had a nice meal before entering the Botanical Garden as you’ll be walking a lot. There are facilities for taking your two-wheelers inside as well as a special tour in mini cars, but if you want to really enjoy, then the best way is to walk. If at all your legs can’t take it anymore there are plenty of benches where you can relax for some time and resume. There are various stalls of refreshments available at the entrance and the authorities have done a very good job of keeping the place neat and clean.

One of the Many Unique Trees at Lal Bagh

The massive garden is about 188 acres (760,000 m2) and was initiated by Hyder Ali in the 1760’s and later completed by Tipu Sultan of Mysore.

When going around the city, one cannot see the garden as it is surrounded by walls. One can only imagine the beauty hidden within these walls till one enters inside. The Botanical Garden has 4 entrances. Once you enter its perimeter you are greeted by a fresh breeze and a stunning landscape which when climbed gives a beautiful view of the greenery it beholds.

..the peninsular gneiss is among the oldest rocks of the Earth dating back to 3000 million years.

peninsular-gneiss -lal-bagh
The Peninsular Gneiss at Lal Bagh

The unique mountainous portion right at the start is called as peninsular gneiss which is a complex mixture of granite rocks. According to geologists, the peninsular gneiss is among the oldest rocks of the Earth dating back to 3000 million years. This has attracted a lot of geologists from all over the world to help study the evolution of Earth.

The greenery of this location is so spell-bounding that it looks literally like a fresh green planet altogether. Along with exotic trees and tropical plants collected from all over the world, it also houses an aquarium and a lake. There are plenty of places to sit and just admire the neatly placed trees. Most of the trees have a description written on signboards right beside them for the enthusiasts to learn more about a particular plant or tree.

Chinese Black Bamboo Tree at Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is also home to many varieties of birds. While taking a stroll in the area, you will hear the soothing chirps of birds. Birds like parrots, herons, owls and hyna and bulbul are a common sight here. While you are admiring the various trees and flowers, you might be greeted by a few birds tweeting and chirping.

Various Birds Seen at Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is also famous for The Glass House where the glorious Flower Show is held. The flower show is a major tourist attraction which just adds the icing on the cake. It is organized twice a year once during the Republic Day celebrations on 26th January and another on 15th august when India celebrates its Independence Day.

In the evening the glass house shimmers in light, rightfully earning its name as the Crystal Palace of India.

A week in advance, massive hoards of colorful and vibrant flowers are brought in and decorated into various designs. During evenings with all its beauty, the glass house shimmers in light, rightfully earning its name as the Crystal Palace of India.

An Evening View of the Glass House at Lal Bagh

One has to have patience to stand in long queues to get a glimpse of nature’s beauty but all the tiredness goes away once you enter the garden. It is as if Mother Nature caresses you with her love by taking you into her abode. Enjoy the colorful feast of flowers in the Flower Show Gallery below.

Along with a wide variety of plants, the Lal Bagh also showcases a glimpse of the activities of the Horticulture department by displaying vegetables like different varieties of Brinjals (Eggplants or aubergines) , Green Chillies, Tomatoes, Pumpkin etc.

wouldn’t it be beautiful if all the cities in the world would have a place like this?

Different Varieties of Brinjals on Display at Lal Bagh

Overall the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden will leave you mesmerized with its beauty. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be beautiful if all the cities in the world would have a place like this?

A quote comes to the mind:

Imagine if trees would give off Wifi Signals. We would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.

Urbanization is slowly eating up Mother Nature and it is about time we took a note of it. Perhaps visiting such places would inspire some love and responsibility within us.


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