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The Blogbuddy Experience

  You can blog about movies, food, games, travel or anything else in the world. But you can't blog without a community. That's the first...

Living and growing with a blogging community

  As usual, I was in the flow of things - working on multiple projects, barely finding time to do some of my own writing...

Half Time 2016 – A Mid Year Recap with Blog Chatter

  It was around the end of 2015, during November - December when my journey with Blog Chatter began. At that time I was already occupied...

Thought Free Living Series: The Magic of Observation #TFL1

  OPD - Observe, Point, Dissolve. 3 steps to cure any dis-ease. 3 steps to dissolve any pain. 3 steps to resolve any problem. Such is the insightful observation...

Stumbling and falling – A reality check

  Do you remember those moments of inspiration, when you feel this sense of empowerment flowing through you especially after you have seen a movie...

The Discovery of the Habit Fork

  Each action you take daily is a choice you make between two or more options. You either go for a run in the morning, or...