The Most Wanted Ogopogo of Oknagan Lake



This cryptid monster gets its nickname from a famous English song called The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot. One of the first sightings which took place of this cryptid lake monster was in 1926 near Oknagan Beach. The most interesting fact that makes this also one of the most chilling is that the creature was seen by about 30 cars of people. 

Wanted criminals often have a reward attached to their heads. Now it seems mythical beasts are also the object of bounty hunters’ affections. Between August 2000 and September 2001 three companies from around Lake Okanegan promised $2 million to anyone who could find definitive, living proof that the fabled Ogopogo monster did exist.

The Ogo-Pogo Funny Fox-Trot Cover

Listen to the song – 

The crime the creature committed is hard to say, although there are stories of it seizing and murdering helpless native people out on the lake. It cannot be denied that the Ogopogo is a serial offender at causing civil unrest. Lake Okanegan is in British Columbia, Canada. It is around 100 miles long and has areas almost 1000 feet deep. The native Salish tribe believed in a terrible serpent, which they called ‘N’ha-a-tik’, the ‘Lake Demon’. They said the beast had a cave dwelling near the middle of the lake, and they would often make sacrifices to please the monster.

European settlers initially scoffed at the legends, but over the years, the Ogopogo has established itself in the minds of many who live nearby. From the mid-1800s, white immigrants started seeing strange phenomena in the lake. One of the first stories told of a man crossing the lake with his two tethered horses swimming behind. Some strange force pulled the animals under, and the man only saved himself by cutting the horses loose.

Witnesses say the creature is anything up to 50 feet long, with green skin, several humps and a huge horse-like head. Some people have managed to closely view it as it ate water vegetation; they said the Ogopogo also had small feet or fins. It could be the North American cousin of the Loch Ness Monster.

Hoaxes also have been associated with this lake monster. One of them was reported in the year 1968 filmed but later computer analysis showed it as being a solid three-dimensional object. Another one was filmed using a mobile in 2011 but was later understood to be two wooden logs.

Most sightings of the Ogopogo have come from around the city of Kelowna, near the centre of the lake, and many monster watchers now agree that it seems to live in the area originally indicated in native legend.


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