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Here we go for another unique experience at not just global level – this is happening in our solar system – ‘The Great Conjunction’. Watch it online!

great conjuction online 2020

Many people believe that year 2020 has taught us different and so far unexpected things, almost all have had their own set of unique and different experiences. But here we go for another unique experience at not just global level – this is happening in our solar system – ‘The Great Conjunction’. Watch it online!

Below are the Links of the Live Stream

Lowell Observatory


Bengaluru Taralaya

But, why is it ‘great’? Well – that is something, which you need to decide on your own. But through this, we will help you understand some interesting aspect about this phenomenon and also let you know, how people are and have been preparing for this.

In short, what is going to happen on December 21, 2020 is – Jupiter, is going to overtake the slower-moving planet Saturn today & their visual convergence is called the great conjunction. If we look at the surface area, then we are talking about top 2 planets from our Solar system. (Jupiter – approx. 61 billion KM2 & Saturn – approx. 42 billion KM2). Jupiter takes around 4,333 Earth-days to orbit around the Sun & Saturn takes 10,759 Earth-days.

On this Great Conjunction, both Jupiter and Saturn will come the closest to one another – 0.1 degrees apart. This phenomenon was last observed in 1623 and will only take place in 2080.

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This conjunction is being called as Christmas Star by some people. Even though both the planets will be apart, for someone viewing from The Earth, with 0.1 degrees – they will very much appear as one big star.

Lowell Observatory has explained this with a nice animation and you can check this out from this video.


If you are in the different parts of the world, the following timelines given by Dr. James O’Donoghue might be useful to you. The time when this event can be observed in the skies around different places.

Dubai: 21:43

Istanbul: 20:43

London/UTC: 17:43

Los Angeles: 09:43

New Delhi: 23:13

New York: 12:43

Paris/CET: 18:43

Rio de Janeiro: 14:43

Sydney: 04:43 (22 Dec)

Tokyo: 02:43 (22 Dec)

There will be some variation considering the size of the Earth, and its rotation, etc.

Many scientists, astronomers, astrologers, enthusiasts, etc. are doing research and have been following this event regularly. One such graphics is being created by Astronomer Alessandro Marchini and his team at the Osservatorio Astronomico Università di Siena to explain the phenomenon.

jupiter saturn great conjunction

How will Google miss such a phenomenon – an animated Google Doodle celebrates this event. It looks like the Saturn is eagerly waiting for Jupiter, it comes in, says Hi and then moves on. One cannot miss the cute Earth wearing winter cap and watching this – Earth with a wintercap indicates Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020.

At Search Of Life, we believe that this is an experience that we can witness just once in our lifetime. We sincerely request you not to miss it. But then, it is your life, and your own search of life and its meaning.

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