Bipolarity Of Life



Life from a bipolar perspective: This isn’t about the psychological disorder, though a semblance in terms of the multifaceted nature. Life’s twin sides may be looked at as a disorder or an interdependence, of good and evil, right and wrong or positive and negative.

Some may say, for every positive to exist and to take form, the prevalence of a corresponding negative is a necessity. This may just be an excuse for the ones who thrive on overlooking their own negative side/actions. But for those who believe that if a good is immaculate and pure there should be no trace of anything bad, bipolarity becomes a disorder rather than a state of equilibrium.

Some ignore good, at the mere excuse of it not being advocated by others or not being rewarded for what its worth. A system of such moral values can hardly persist through real challenges. Even if it does, it cannot be considered as a triumph but rather a desperate attempt of survival. For good is not done with a reason or selfish motive behind it. It is not undertaken for the purpose of being rewarded. It is done because we know that deep inside, that is what we want, that is what matters and that is what defines us, for it portrays our beliefs and intentions and stirs others to reflect on theirs.

One thought mirrors the other just as one action incites another or one person influences the other. Life has a tendency to mirror itself, to create a reflection of itself and to permeate from one being to another. But this mirroring is often associated with distortion. Some parts are left blank or inadvertently filled with unclear thoughts.

When looking at the big picture of life, in relation to personal and work life, there is a similar mirroring which is largely associated with distortion. Often, what we are in person, differs from what we portray ourselves in our work. This is the distortion part. Misaligned interests or priorities, causes us to hold on to something that is entirely different from what we are as a person. So when one starts mirroring the other, either our work affects life or our neglected life starts to affect our work.

What I believe is that you either live or you work. Success is your ability to ensure that all parts of your life are in sync with each other. Only then you have found out yourself, and identified what you truly are. Then you would have lived. For some people, this is all too deep, but for those who know life, this is life, while others are still grasping onto the illusion, desperate to live.

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