The Circle of Life



Any point on a wheel, which was once at the top, will in time reach the bottom only to rise back to the top again. In context to our world; what has happened millions of years ago will happen again at some point in time. We may call this a cycle, a universal law or the repercussions of our past actions. We as humans have traversed the world, mapped each and every corner of the globe and we are still not at peace and have many unanswered questions. Some people say that the universe is within us. Yes it definitely is. (need an insight to look into the real world, real universe, real you). What our ancestors were searching through voyages, expeditions or simple meditation we are searching now through technology. We will succeed to some extent in collating data, but what next?

Circle of Life and Death:

We all operate at different wavelengths and even after death the energy remains in the atmosphere in wavelengths. I strongly believe that after death of any living being, life is passed on to any other living being through birth or in inception. Following are few examples:

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  • The astrologers when checking the positioning of planets are in fact checking the energies, whether they are hyper or dumb or active.
  • A thought or idea entering one’s mind is due to the state of mind of that person which attracts positive or negative thoughts.
  • The aura or halo of a person may also attracts certain good or not so good thoughts.
  • A tantric or a black magician goes into a trance to uplift his state of mind to match with the one he wants to connect with.


It’s all in the Mind:

Mind when controlled can take us around the world or universe while sitting in one place, similarly, an uncontrolled mind can take us to places we would never think of going. Many a times we have seen that a mentally disturbed person does something over and over again that we won’t do normally and with the same vigor. Can anyone explain that a thin and lame person when possessed can’t be controlled by 4 full healthy grown-ups. Its the power of mind. If the mind is controlling you then you will lose out on truth and if you control the mind you will find only truth.

Imagine a wheel, you at the circumference, and your life is on a roll. You will encounter many bumps, dirt, filth, goodness, happiness on the path that you are following. If you remain at the circumference and death occurs then again it’s a new life. Now, if you move closer to the center slowly spiraling then will find no motion. You are stationery yet the wheel moves. This movement to the center is through self realization and coming out of misery. The chains of craving and aversion bind us to this circle of life and death, and life again. We acquire many cravings and aversion throughout our lifetime and obviously some remain while we are to die, this is the cause of re-birth.

What is Life?

Life is a source of energy, which cannot be created nor destroyed but changes form. Our life too has changed many a forms and will continue to take many forms unless we break this chain. This whole life, what we see, what we experience is a myth. It’s superficial, there’s much beyond it, the truth of impermanence, i.e.: nothing is permanent, all things change, some quickly, in a fraction of a second which will not be caught by our eyes and some will take ages for which a lifetime won’t be enough to witness.

How to change this?

It’s not something that in a century or two all human beings will be out of misery and there will be no re-births. Even the great Buddha had taken many rebirths to finally attain nirvana. It’s the constant practice and controlling of your mind.

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