Energy Sources Lying Inside Us



In our previous posts, we highlighted how the earth’s resources are strained to the extent of exhaustion, and we also looked at other energy alternatives, viz. solar and especially geothermal energy. These forms of energy were mainly considered on the basis of their neutral footprint.on the environment and their in-exhaustive renewable characteristics. While researchers and scientists were busy scavenging the earth and exploring space for far more sustainable forms of energy, we have one genius among us to have tapped into our own human body as a source of energy.

Ann Makosinksi, a finalist of Google Science fair 2013, has created such a flashlight which is entirely powered by the heat generated by the human body. There are no moving parts and nor any batteries involved either. So, it is just pure renewable energy with zero footprint whatsoever on the environment which is being used to power a flashlight. Imagine, this is the same type of flashlight/torch that we have been using for years, only instead, powered by highly toxic chemical batteries, batteries which still cannot be recycled nor can be disposed of safely, without harming the environment.

It is obvious that energy corporations which might possibly have already known of this method would not disclose it, as it would hardly aid their profits. However, the same profits might also be the reason for blinding those who reap them.

Philosophical Insight :
Organisms depend on their environment for their survival, nourishment and growth. These organisms are part of a system made of elements that are interdependent on each other, and can only prevail through co-existence. We humans are one such example, but our reliance on our environment is what has been the cause for its exploitation and our own desire to reap benefits has ultimately lead to its destruction. After years of overuse and exploitation there came a point when we started realizing our mistakes and began looking elsewhere for more sustainable energy sources. But we looked on earth, inside the depths of earth and even in the space outside of earth, rather than inside of us.

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