Environmental Destruction and Ever-changing Planet

Destruction of the Planet


Our Creations have always been a timely blessing bestowed upon us by our minds. We create often for our benefit or others, something which is extremely useful, helpful or beneficial. Geared to identify the missing gaps and holes, to plug them with something beneficial and feasible, is what we do and are trained to get done. It is a process which requires ingenuity and fortitude backed with virtuous foresight. An imbalance among them causes the solution for filling the gaps to be the root problem for creating several and much wider gaps. One’s creation can be questioned, reviewed, supervised and even objected to. But, what of the situation involving the affecting entity to be a voiceless phenomenon, but yet of utmost significance. That is, our nature, our mother Earth. Evidently, destruction is what we are equally good at, just as creation. This may after all be just a lament or a posthumous cry. But, it is always worth a try, and people are striving, trying hard to bring to light the overlooked consequences of our actions.

Chiu Chih’s Survival Kit for the ever-changing planet.

Chiu Chih's Kit
Designer Chiu Chih’s Project

Urbanization and haphazard development has caused more concern than it has improved living standards. Again standard of living is more a measure of our beliefs, attitudes, habits and worldly sense than the quality of things surrounding us. The most evident routine chase after material acquisitions only to boost our sense of worth and showcase our success and achievements has been a major factor attributing to such a crisis situation.

Designer, Chiu Chih’s project ‘voyage on the planet’ aims to confront and bring forth these consequences of our actions which has led more to our decline than growth. Cramped living spaces and landscape transformations for habitation are another major causes for degradation of the air quality, just as booming automobile sector is. Because of such rampant globalization and growth, the world is in a constant state of flux. The environment is ever-changing where old buildings are demolished for new buildings to be built. Aside from the physical aspects, society and culture as a medium of interchange, is also changing every moment.

That is Chiu Chih’s projects basis.

“…where old buildings are demolished and new modern ones continue to rise. society and culture modify from one moment to the next, which in some cases renders people hopeless, while for others it brings about hope and new expectations. the scary nature of this vulnerability is most poignant in the depletion of natural energy resources…” – Chiu Chih


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