Reality Dreams And Hope



Some people might say, those are childish dreams and far from reality, but that ain’t true. Reality might be far from what you dream it to be. But reality is what you choose it to be. If you can find that resolve you can surmount any thing thrown at you, you can transgress your difficult past or even overcome your stringent present and create the future you chose to dream of. That is the reality.

If you fail to see it you will fail to realize it. Dreams will then just be dreams and hopes will be forlorn. Reality might take a turn for good but not for what it could have become if you had chosen to create it instead of giving up on it. This is the ultimate truth. A truth that will leave no gap between your dreams and reality.

That is the truth capable of overshadowing the most horrid of lies. A truth far surpassing the pretentious beliefs. A truth capable of changing the worlds or transforming the world of present, your world. A truth worthy of giving rise to several other truths which would subsequently help realize several other forsaken dreams. Then they too will become the reality of the world they belong to, and thus dreams will be conquered.

Thus in time one who chooses to run, will be the runner, one who dreams to sing will become a singer, one who wishes to spread laughter will be the comic, one who aspires to lead will be made the leader and one who yearns to follow will be accepted as the follower.

But if, dreams are forsaken so will you forsake the reality and then runners will swim, singers will dance, dancers will stroll, comics will mourn, leaders will follow and followers will abandon hope.

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