The Twelfth Planet



Are we from 12th planet? In his book The Twelfth Planet (Earth Chronicles – I), Zecharia Sitchin posits that a council of advanced civilization or as commonly referred to-Gods, that visited earth some 450,000 years ago might have created us. The chapters presents a thought that the advance civilization might have been in need of a ‘primitive worker’ so that the worker could take over the burden of work of the advance civilization. Chapters talk about Nefilim and Ea who were involved in creation of human race on the Earth.

Author says that the Sumerian texts state that when the Nefilim first came to Earth, the arts of grain cultivation, fruit planting, and cattle raising had not yet extended to Earth. Further to detail this thought author also provides details of ancient holy text that imbibed belief of human being ‘created’ until Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution.

To contradict Darwin’s theory, authors raises question on evolution:
Evolution can explain the general course of events that caused development of human from simple creature on Earth. But evolution cannot account for the appearance of Homo sapiens. According to the author, this evolution from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens happened virtually overnight… in comparison of span of millions of years. He also states that there is no evidence of earlier stages that would indicate a gradual change from Homo erectus.

Author further claims that the Sumerian, Mesopotamian and Babylonian text has evidence about this event. It is stated that Nefilim and the scientist Ea used genetic manipulation for the advancement of Homo erectus. Ancient text also provide reference of mixing different life sources and that is probable cause of human with wings, some with two or four faces, some with two heads, some with more than two limbs, horns, etc.

He also suggests that such carvings, statues also the sphinxes from Egyptian Pyramids are not the mere artist’s imagination. These are likely to be the unsuccessful experiments of Nefilim and Ea.

It is also predicted in the book that With this final product, the Nefilim were genetically compatible with the daughters of Man and able to marry them and have children by them. We do not know what happened 450,000 years before. As there are predictions and theories about evolution, there are theories about advance civilization visiting the Earth and introducing the intelligent life here. Until proved, all theories have their place and importance.

In our Search of Life every valid pointer will be studied in detail.

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