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At, Search of Life, we started our blog with the most fundamental question, “What is Life?”. This involved understanding life and its origin, life on our planet and in outer space (other planets, galaxies) and even the philosophical aspects regarding our purpose here on earth as the big picture, and also the micro view involving individual, social and cultural aspects of life.

Philosophically, we tried to dissect many socio-cultural issues and our relative short-sightedness in reference to humanity as a whole. The mechanical system inhibiting progress or rather diverting the focus from the most important aspects of life and its effect on an individual level as well as at an institutional level. Followed by the rigid life process of any individual part of the generation focused on material acquisitions and the consequential impairment of our belief system and life’s expectations. We dived into the depths of understanding the core of human growth and learning in order to create a sustainable and life enhancing process and thus individuals. We tried to understand the basis and influencing precursors of our actions, to understand and make sense of our life paths and whether they were truly enabling us to secure our future, not only as individuals but also as a species, for humanity. We identified the relationship of life, career and passion in order to determine our life’s priorities and find a healthy balance.  All in all, we tried to highlight our terrible neglects and emphasize on the reasons for a change.

Scientifically, we strived to gather information on our origins, human evolution, life in outer-space and many more fields. Understanding the human brain and the various parts of our body to the cellular level was a part of the search. We explored various theories of evolution to get a better understanding of our origins. From deep oceans to space meteorites, the secret recipe of life was sought out in all thinkable places. One answer, in relation to our origin is readily available to us, suggested by the science expert, Stephen Hawking. The origin of the Universe, as we all know is based on the big bang theory, one explosion resulting in the creation of the entire universe encompassing, millions of stars, planets, galaxies etc. The theory has enough evidence to support it, but what was not known, is the cause behind the big bang, who or what made it happen. The answer to this exact question troubling us for thousands of years will be explained in the upcoming post, followed by our discussion.
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