The World As We Are Made To See



Why do we try to find meaning in the things around us? Isn’t it our own lens through which we look at the world that defines our outlook? Yet why is there always disharmony lingering between us and the world around us?

We do not realize it but our battles are often defined not by us but people around us and their views of the things surrounding them. This is what obscures our sight and that takes away the most essential factor, that is, clarity, from our vision. So we usually end up fighting for someone else’s vision of success and not our own. Introspection or self-examination is said to be the key to identifying ourselves and our path. But that is a difficult task as our ideal perception of success is often distorted by the society. So, the dreams we dream may not necessarily be ours. They are the supposed models forced upon us by some other individual through his vision of misplaced goals.

Such is our predicament, and finding meaning within ourselves can only help us find ourselves, our passion, our purpose in life and contribute meaningfully to the world. Clarity of thought will make us take the best possible action. This is not a time to embrace the system, as its rigidity, generalization and standardization cannot be applicable to all, especially not to us, as humans, as a species, that is diverse in itself.

We are not a manufacturing product that can be developed by pushing through the same standardized assembly line. We are humans. We evolve and discover our talents as and when circumstances present themselves. Mechanical processes can only dull us and stunt our growth.

Such a system with similar rigid processes only blunts our sharp edges, edges that define us and set us apart from the rest. Following the premeditated path laid out and enforced by the societal forces only compels us to be carved into a cogwheel to fit the rusted mechanism of our already muddled system.

Understanding ourselves is a lecture often skipped in schools. Education can be considered as a tool of empowerment only if it is governed by the philosophical system of reality, knowledge and values that define us as humans and not if it is based on the impeding rules laid out by the society driven purely by economic forces.

So, what can we do?

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