Human Resources and Systems



System, a word you must have heard often, be it talking about a particular corporate entity or a small household, a government setup or the economy as a whole, everything can be categorized as a system on different levels. We all know the definition of a system so well that words like interlinked, interconnected, interrelated, tandem, goal constantly resonate in our heads with the more critical aspects like our own role, presence, responsibilities and actions are often given less importance.  

We invented the system, gave it a form, defined it, but we forgot out own role in it. The main objective of a system is to get individuals together to achieve a certain goal whose outcome will then be delivered to another set of individuals at the receiving end. We need humans at the creating end, at the center and at the receiving end to accept the creation. Yet, we just disregard ourselves as cogwheels that should fit as per the predefined roles of the system. How is that going to help? Only purpose that system will serve is attaining the short term goals of the one obsessing over his vision of the system with no regards to the human elements interspersed within it.

Different systems have different roles to play and a different set of requirements based on the envisioning of the creators. When we treat human resource as a rigid part of the system, we not only take away the essence to grow, but also indirectly impede the natural flow of the systems mechanism.

Three things come into the picture:

Human Resource

Each individual, no matter how similar on a fundamental level, is different and unique in his own way. Different interests, personalities, integral qualities, character and all essential attributes will define his actions, his choices. The environment he is brought up in, will in a way determine his behavior in the environment he is currently functioning in.

Conducive Environment

In the past, humanity’s most successful mode of adaptation was ‘hunter-gatherer’. It was a subsistence society which assigned a particular task of hunting based on the physical characteristic which would determine the likelihood of success. Today, at the prime of diversity, such a simplistic superficial selection process will not suffice. An environment that fosters creativity, encourages natural talent to flow and harbors freedom of expression is of essence and not an environment that extensively relies on routine procedure.

Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics is the hierarchical order of power as seen in a social system. We clearly know how we as a society have come to define power. The amount of prestige is regarded in terms of financial wealth. Our behaviors have been modified over time around the notion that ‘monetary resources are a sign of wealth, success and prestige’. This has lead to people chasing after things that matter less rather than things that are in sync with their identity, soul and well being. When focus is consciously narrowed down to this extent we start ignoring the crucial meaningful aspects. This slowly manifests in various forms be it mis-allocation of valuable resources at an institutional level or something as blundering as choosing an entirely contrary career path.

“Be wise, wisdom in today’s world is something that will save you from dedicating your life to chasing after what is shown to you and help you discover what you truly want, desire and dreamt of once.”
– O.J.

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