Unity in Diversity is Not Enough



We evolved from one common species. A lineage shared by all. Evolution through various probable factors played an incremental role in enabling us to overcome all the hindering obstacles. From gathering food to hunting animals, protecting groups, inventing, learning to communicate, developing language, all were our own shared creations that helped us put one step forward.

We are a part of the same tree, that flourished into several branches to progress further. But something happened. Evolution that once promised growth and development, brought along certain anomalies. It is still present and ongoing, we are still evolving, being better than what we were yesterday, but not the best of what we can be. Inherently each generation is outdoing the previous, there are certain things being done right but still many wrong.

We have grown together as a species, sympathetic and eagerly helpful. But that is not enough. Reaching millions to help out in some corner of the world post a massive catastrophe is not enough. Do we really need a life threatening disaster to bring us together? Have we fallen that far? We just cannot wait for something so bad to happen for it to remind us of the things that matter. Does it require death to help us realize the value of our fellow humans. I do not even know if I should be using the word humans to refer to us or as a reference to a once pre-eminent race to have lived on this planet.

Are we even humans? Beating around the bush, mislead, misleading others, misinterpreted, not taking time to understand others, inconsiderate, not paying attention to others, blindly ignoring the truth, struggling to escape the reality, chasing what is sugar-coated and shiny, running after what is fed to us, living based on the expectations of others, despite of knowing the time we live in, coping with the circumstance of the past, caught in a rut, evolving into someone else’s image of us, ignoring problems.

It is sad how much we have disconnected ourselves from each other. Despite of all the progress, developments in various fields, we somewhere lost the wisdom to develop ourselves and nourish our togetherness to be independent of the circumstances and reach out to others, not to just a few millions, but to every single individual, every human, every soul, not out of selfish admiration for ourselves or just because we want something to make us feel better, but out of selfless love and compassion.

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