Understanding the Mechanism of Life



Input   ———–>   Process  ———–>  Output

Like any simple process, our life is a process. The caveat; the accomplishment of the desired outcome heavily depends on our mode of action, which is often, following the age-old rulebook and treating it like a process. The rigid conception of a process engraved in our mind results in bereaving it of its meaning.

The excessive focus on the outcome makes us overlook the essentials of the process, in turn impeding the entire function that would have been otherwise realized much easily. We are so adamant on reaching the destination that we ignore the most important part, the journey. We forget the importance of life. We let our discontent take the wheel only to upset the whole balance. If we cannot be content at present, with what we have, with who we are, the mere gratification of reaching the finish isn’t going to last long. So as cliched as it may sound, no matter how much lip service is given to it, life is a journey, so we must live every moment in a way that inspires others and adds meaning to ours and other’s lives.

The input is defined by our nurtured beliefs which determine our thoughts. These thoughts are then translated into our actions, which eventually determine the outcome. So what we believe and think results in our actions, which is our life’s input and the area or field towards which it is focused becomes the process. Once applied, the process sets in motion and over a period the foreseen vision is becomes reality. Now, what is to be noted here, is the vital nature of the grey area. Output, be it money, returns, profits that is the consequence, something that follows. The critical part is being the best of what we are and what we can be to the truest of our expectations. So, what matters is identifying ourselves, our life’s passion and not succumbing to the external pressures only to chase after something that is appealing to our untrained eye.

The problem is much deeper, at a much more intrinsic process, within us. Our beliefs may translate into thoughts but they remain there. They are never given form in the reality of things. One main reason is, what we expect of ourselves and want to pursue, does not fit the game plan laid out by others, for us but for their own sake. Why does that happen? When 7 out of 10 individuals start walking a path, that becomes the road map and rest is discarded as rubble.

Mechanical processes need accuracy and data while life processes need nourishment and understanding. We all are humans, at least for a while until some extra-terrestrial species appears and starts living among us. Emotions define our actions, irrespective of how materialistic they may look.

The system is geared towards creating individuals that fill the gaps created by the societal forces. What is left ignored are the gaps within us. Growth and development is not dependent on the society’s economic structure, it is, rather, a consequence of the structure of values and principles that lie within us.

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