Mechanical and Natural Order of Things



Disorderly and haphazard flourishing of metro cities is what attracts outsiders but at the same time creates a feeling of repulsion in the people living in them. These are mostly the same people once remotely located, away from all the hustle bustle who moved into this fractured mess out of their own expectations and desires to be a part of the so called ‘booming’ hub.

So basically we have people living close to nature, away from the urban unnatural elements often wishing for the city life where as city dwellers yearning for a place much more serene, calm and close to nature. I guess, it is the monotonicity that sets in after a ceaseless period of routine activities is what makes us covet for a change, mostly towards something that is remotely related to what we are currently surrounded by. After all variety is something that excites every human. Our brain’s are geared to be attracted and excited by something novel and unrelated to the existential things.

But then again, order and smooth flow of things is what promises security and is essential for our well being. So, we need order and standard processes but at the same time variety and novelty in activities we partake. But nature, in its inherent form is more ordered than random. Yet, why are we so attracted to it? Is it because our origins are rooted in nature? or Is it because of our need to escape the monotonicity and rigidity of our civilization?

I guess, the indifference of natural environs to its external elements is what most likely attracts us humans to it. That is the natural order of things which ensures a smooth flow otherwise mostly absent in humanized environs. Humans contrast nature in the same aspect that they are instead easily affected by external factors and sudden change, which often causes irritation in turn displacing the sense of security and tranquility. But there are several aspects at play on the human side of things. The personal life, work life, other activities and the external stimulus involved which has an effect on them.

What I have come to believe is, our excessive emphasis on control, order, discipline and restrictions has consequentially suppressed some of our most essential and defining qualities as humans. Something as simple as creativity being sacrificed at the altar of conformity. In the long term, this has affected our lives and careers to a great extent. Being forced to adhere to preexisting rules or methods of approach has dehumanized us. We reach a point in time when life becomes a routine procedure, which started with someone else’s view imposed upon us and has slowly become a dull dark walk. It often takes time to realize it, as we have other similar mechanical beings accompanying us in whom we seek comfort and eventually become complacent in that manner. Then we have several distractions, which once trivial, now seem more enticing. Soon our life’s work becomes a necessary path to be journeyed through only to seek comfort away from it and in those distractions.

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