Money Matters and Global Crisis



I do not know why people believe money is going to solve everything. People are totally convinced that money is going to simplify difficult situations. In observation that is often true, when you have the opposite side believing the same thing as you, it is obvious that they will surrender to your case, which will in turn reinforce your belief regarding the same.This has been happening for far too long, people having it their way using money as the means. This has created not one but several generations of people adhering to the belief as if it were a sacred law inscribed on a stone. They base their actions, decisions, motives on this meaningless predication. It has lead us to this present. Before I tell you why money should be the last thing you focus on, I would like to put forward some hard facts.

Commercialism And Food :
5th June 2013-World Environment Day- United Nations Environment Programme was focused on food wastage. Food wastage might sound like an everyday problem which can be curbed by simply cooking in proportionate amounts or distributing excess food. But it is not even close to that. The massive scale in which food is being wasted is too enormous to be controlled by household level methods. Just as over one third of food is wasted in developing countries due to lack of storage and transportation facilities, the same amount is wasted in industrialized nations because of commercialism. Currently global food waste costs us around 750 billion US dollars(1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted every year).

Material Desires And Its Outcome :
In a bustling city like Mumbai(India), with a population of over 20 million, every other individual keen on buying his dream car or adding another one to his collection, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the pollution levels have exceeded the safety standards. Again, standard is a subjective term, so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that we are breathing in less of air and more of pollutants for few years now. In a city where projects are an excuse for filling pockets, measures for such critical problems are likely to stay nascent unless there is enough money attached to it, in which case the implementation would be as good as a prototype.

Consumerism And Waste Generation :
Just like panacea is a remedy for all diseases, consumerism has become the exact opposite, a source of all diseases. One individuals business opportunity has become the source malformed psychology of several thousand individuals. People are in an overdrive mode, where they are having a hard time to differentiate between needs and desires. Commercialism in its own nature has reinforced consumerism attributing to a deep seated desire for money and material possessions. Apart from filling the existing gaps in an effort to provide a more comfortable life, consequentially commercialism has created more gaps which would be hard to fill. All this for money. The main motive behind every endeavor. Only if people were more aware of the important things in life, if their motivations were in the right place, towards contributing to the society, we would have had better processes, much better products, without the resulting destruction they are now causing environmentally and psychologically.

So, do you still need an explanation to why stop chasing money? It has got us here hasn’t it? Is this what we really dreamt of? We chase what we see or rather what is shown to us. Maybe its time we looked inside of us and asked ourselves, “Is this what I really want?”.

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