Writing And Creative Genius



What is creativity? Is it something that can be imbued through dedicated efforts? Is it something that occurs or passes through us when the time is right? Is it something that is extrapolated through the existing patterns? Is it an unconscious process of internalization, which is then, at a later time, manifested in its opportune form? Or Is it the inherent genius that exemplifies it true self in the right set of circumstances?

We know that human beings are creative animals. The way things exist now as they are, the way we interact with them and how we have come to live, all is a direct result of our own Creativity. It is a form of expression, that portrays our imaginative capabilities and their potency to retain originality and expediency in all this diversity.

Creativity can also be referred to as, the translation of our inner self in context to the outside world or a manifestation of our frame of thought in what we do. But, then, if that’s what it is, the real world examples of creative genius totally do not fit the explanation above. Our understanding of the phenomenon as a mere tangible concept is incorrect.

As seen in writers, poets, and masters of other art forms, creativity has often always been a spell of immense revelation or thought creation which was then translated into work.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the bestseller, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, in her TED talk back in 2009, explained that, this genius, which was and is often internalized, was the reason for all the anguish building up in the creator. The fear that ones own strength or talent of this ability to create or innovate was short-lived or is behind them now. Externalization of that part of the person was a way that lessened the burden caused by shouldering this immense responsibility.

So…(to be continued)

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