Information Technology And Generation Gap



Technology has taken us places. It has brought us this far. But where we stand now, the situation in which we have put ourselves is such that the reliance on our own creations has created an imbalance in our lives. Something that was once a solution to a problem, now has become the source of several new problems. Now, information without doubt travels at the speed of light. Irrespective of where you stand, you can find a solution to a problem which isn’t even material now, only to relieve that niggle which once bothered you. The abundance of information if measured in terms of energy, would make sun seem like a tiny notification LED.

We are surrounded by so much of it that we are lost, not knowing what to consume, or rather, on a consuming spree, obtaining a piece only for temporal relief soon to be seeking for another. But what we should consume, or rather what really enriches ourselves is overlooked. In this mass labyrinth, every turn leads to a portal emitting megatons of information. Mass communication has become a mass taxidermist campaign with us, being the outer enclosure, forcefully stuffed with limitless information, inexcusably of our volition.

Human interactions give rise to opinions, which then turn into norms and are soon followed by a larger ensemble, eventually to transform into a standard. Then, generations follow, the same rules, which were once just thoughts of a monkey mind, without even considering the current situation and questioning the dated norms.

We simply cannot shut our eyes and ears to the things happening around us. But what we can do is be aware, know consciously what is happening behind the scenes, not just on the surface. Once we do that we can understand ourselves better and make a thoughtful decision. All this is sadly contrary to the present. What we do not clearly see is what we consume, and how that affects us. Consuming is one thing, but knowingly or unknowingly embracing it and becoming what we consume, is another.

Information is in abundance, but is often misconstrued and distorted. What we can do is, stay informed, know ourselves and know exactly what is important to us, in order to enrich our seeking spirit.

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