The Shiva Trilogy Part One – Worldview Analysis



When does good become evil? Is there nothing that is purely good? Is everything that exists, both good and evil? So does all good eventually become evil over a period of time? Does this mean, no real good exist in the world?

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Amish’s Shiva Trilogy brings to the forefront the epic example of the one thing, one necessary good, which over time becomes evil with extreme devastating consequences. How does one justify the existence of such a thing, that is good for one but bad for another as well as the same person when used wrongly? It evokes the current world situation, a time of prosperity, comfort, for the most, still a less fortunate period for many.

The things available presently, even the ones which we use daily, undeniably, have both sides. Nothing is just good, or purely a solution or an answer to a problem. Every single creation has a bad side to it, which manifests itself during a certain time in its life cycle. A positive is equally negative, if overused or misused. Is the creator then responsible for this? Or Is it the human greed that brings out the bad in everything?

Self-preservation or the innate need for survival, our survival instincts, is an inherent trait, that has helped us, as a species, continue existence, since thousands of years. One may consider it is a evolutionary advantage or a need to persist. Everyone needs to live, but this need which is initially good for oneself, soon manifests into something more and more. The urge to want more turns every good into evil, renders the creation meaningless. So why create something that is good if by our default nature we will eventually turn every good into something that becomes harmful, thus evil.

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