The Shiva Trilogy Part Three Worldview Analysis



In any system, for example a living environment or biosystem, there are disparate elements, living and nonliving. Each is a force in its own distinct way, be it animate or inanimate. These are the external forces that incite you as a being which is a interlinked part of the  to respond, which demand you to act in a specific manner. Such force/s maybe a person, a lifeless object, an event or some random occurrence.  

[part three]

An external force as above, begets a reaction from another force, to respond in a specific manner. This response is backed by the individuals thoughts. That person’s faith and beliefs determine his action in such a situation. In such lifelike situation, the former is the cause, and the latter is the effect.

This is the cause and effect reality of our world, also referred to as causality. The nature of the first event is that of a cause, the second event has the nature of an effect. The cause precedes the effect in a way the first event causes the occurrence of the second. Equivalent to the functioning of action and consequence, a chain of events with the first in time, triggering the successive ones.

Each action good or bad, has its own consequences or set of outcomes. These outcomes may be determined, in which case they would mostly be favourable, or undetermined, something of random sorts with totally unprecedented and unfavourable results.

Life is such an intricate chain of events, propagating with the march of time, serving the purpose of ensuring balance throughout the universe. A pre-existing occurrence justifies the need for an action, several thousands of such interconnected occurrences give birth to the requirement of respective actions, thus putting things in motion, establishing a fluid flow, maintaining a balance, and making life less dull and eternally monotonous.

A good maybe thus exists, so that bad arises, which ensures the prevalence of good. This process paves the way for a hopeful future, a place where life continues to thrive, and morbidly, the evil present then, ensures this flourishing.

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