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Our planet today is griping with numerous problems like environmental pollution, global economic downfall, poverty, life-threatening diseases and wars and so on. All these problems are interconnected in some way or the other. Our duty, as offsprings of planet earth, family of this single shared home and people of this world, is to stand up and try whatever we can to control and possibly eliminate the horrendous amount of damage we cause and make this world a better place for ourselves and our children.

The Solutions Project is one such attempt by mankind to tackle one of the most important problems of today which is the global energy crisis.

Film maker and philosopher Jason Silva talks about The Solutions Project in one of his videos. Check it out.

Energy, as we know is one of the important components which is required by each and every sector. Energy which is produced by combustion has created a detrimental effect on our environment, a hole in the ozone layer is allowing the harmful ultra violet rays raising numerous health concerns.

Continuous use of fossil fuels is one of the major reasons for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is one of the greenhouse gases that is a major contributor to global warming.

The energy crisis has not started abruptly, instead it is a crisis which has gradually taken shape over the years. One major reason of the energy crisis is the growing demands of energy in various sectors that include manufacturing, industrial, medical, transport and communication and the list goes on.

It is a chain reaction of sorts which may lead to a deadlock situation as the temperatures will begin to fluctuate between the extremes and we begin to face hotter winters due to our endless and ever-growing consumption of energy.

Renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy have proved to be the leading alternatives to solve this problem.

Scientists have been studying climate changes since the late 1800’s, when the greenhouse effect was first put forth by Joseph Fourier. Most scientists agree that the reason for the climatic changes are man-made, and if the greenhouse emissions continue, the warming will accelerate. Temperatures are on the rise across the world in towns and urban areas as well as over the oceans.

The polar ice is melting at a rapid pace and scientists predict that many important financial centers of the world which are near the coastlines would be submerged under water.

It is inspiring to so that we are moving past ignorance and rapidly taking the much needed action. Now, what we do, how we live each day, what we dedicate our lives towards, will determine the kind of future we get to live in on this planet.

Each one of us – the citizens, the leaders, the politicians, the businessmen, and every other person on and of this planet is responsible for the state the world is in and we are also perfectly capable of taking the steps.

With the technology that exists today in this world, it is very much possible to achieve that.

Today, we hear a lot in the media about the energy crisis, we hear a lot about sustainability and also hear about strangle holding the planet. These are all legitimate concerns, but again doom and gloom has been fatigued. We need solutions.

The solutions project is an initiative involving numerous top scientists, renowned civil engineers, visionary business leaders, Hollywood celebrities and others who are trying to find ways of coming up with alternatives which could solve the global energy crisis forever.

Renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy have proved to be the leading alternatives to solve this problem. A lot of research and development is already being done in these fields and with the coming years they promise to be much cheaper and cleaner sources than combustible energy.

One of the primary aims of the Solutions Project is to facilitate the transition of US from the current combustion oriented source of energy to a 100% clean, renewable energy. Mark Jacobson, a professor at Stanford University along with his team have devised a 50 states 50 plan model for the US. The following image shows a plan for the state of Arkansas.

The Solutions Project plan For the State of Arkansas

With the technology that exists today in this world, it is very much possible to achieve that.

Research has shown that if properly harnessed, one hour of sunlight that falls on Earth can produce so much solar energy that it is sufficient enough to meet the energy demand of the whole world for a whole year.

Maybe, changing our thought process is the first step towards achieving the impossible. Thinking about problems doesn’t take us anywhere, thinking about solutions does. So here’s to the Solutions Project.

Each one of us can strive for this common goal – to live responsibly, by informing and educating members of our families, spreading awareness around close circles, planning and forming environmental programs and acting on them together as a community to create a wide scale impact.

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It is time for solutions and let us bank on the currency of optimism and move forward. As Jason Silva says in the video,

we need to take a cognitive leap, we need to realize that this is possible even now, today with existing technology.

Let us start believing in the boundless possibilities and pull the present forward into the future.

You change minds, you change worlds.


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