Ignorance is the Root Cause of Self Destruction



What is the major cause of death in our world? Is it a pandemic? Is it a disease? Is it a calamity? Or is it ignorance? Ignorance through and despite of self-awareness? Such ignorance stemming from our own existence severely blurs our sight, and maybe that’s what makes it the major cause of bad news. 95% of deaths in the world are cause by cardiovascular disease, and all are lifestyle related i.e. they can be prevented in the first place. So in essence they are consequences of our own conscious decisions. Now, what does that tell us? Heart diseases are the major cause of death? Or our ignorance, time and again, gets the better of us? Essentially, it plainly exposes the vanity of our self-awareness and its repercussions.

Well, lets review this new angle. Ignorance is the major cause of death worldwide. It is what is killing us, the people of the world. How can one be so blinded by their own existence, that they forget the importance of life and their own role in it. I do not believe in the system, I believe in the people. The system is just one failed creation of the people. Trust people and urge them to trust their inner selves, only then we can bring about a change. Look at the people around you, people who are a part of the current generation and people belonging to the previous generation. Despite the gen gap, both are desperately holding on to the basal human notion of life, survival and flourishing. This notion is only justifiable in the time period of our species infancy and growth, and not at this period of crisis, wherein our own survival instinct is soon to become the cause of our extinction.

This simplistic and dated notion of life, survival and flourishing can be easily adopted and one can conveniently spend a life based on it, but in the end, when you are looking back at your own life, you will realize that the only thing you managed to do was, survive. You haven’t lived. You just held on to the premeditated selfish thoughts and beliefs of your people which eventually became a part of your life and thus your undoing. Forget success, forget winning, those are springboards for the uninitiated.

People are over reliant on them, going as far as making them their life-support equipment. People inherently possessing the sheer will and the purest of beliefs will know the right not from the wrong but from uncertain and unwilling. They will be the one to make the appropriate choice and lead others towards betterment. If you understand yourself, you will know what is important to you, and you will realize the intrinsic and indispensable ingredients of life. Once you reach that point of self-realization, you will be struck with an intense revelation, one that says, ‘all that you lived for and chased after wasn’t the essence of life, it was only an escape that was justified by your frailty of seeking comfort in the accommodating aspects, only running away from reality’.

Your path is already laid out since the beginning of time, the road made of concrete, paving a way for different people, ways to travel, and varying speed limits. You may go to school, then join college, pursue further education or start working, soon get married, have kids, spend rest of the life together, and finally rest. But, that is not the end, unless you want it to be.

Would you like to be the one-time book, screened through once and shelved only to be picked up later when dusting the shelf or the book that is the life lesson and source of inspiration for the generations to come, revisited daily like the road map of life? So the question is, would you be the one who is remembered forever, living in the memories of others, continuing for eternity, never forgotten? You can, just as I can, only if we choose to. Because, the thing about death is, it isn’t the end. “You only die when you are forgotten.” But with a life’s work dedicated for a good cause, we can continue to live forever, in the memories of our people.

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