Mars and the Human Connection



We may be Martians. In 1995 to 2000 there was some buzz around the theories of we all being from Mars. Joe Kirschvink is one of the scientists who then had put forth this theory. Earth had a very violent birth. In the inner solar system 4 to 4.5 billion years ago (when we believe that life originated on Earth), a body the size of Mars collided with the primordial planet and ripped apart pieces (which became our Moon).

As a result, a hot magma ocean was formed followed by alternating periods of extreme hot and cold. Mars, on the other hand, was rather more pleasant with abundant water on its surface, a much thicker atmosphere, and even an occasional rainstorm.

Let us talk about the claimed fossils in a 4.5 billion-year-old Martian meteorite (ALH 84001). Could Martian organisms possibly have survived the ejection from Mars, travel through space, and entry into Earth’s atmosphere? Research along this line has shown that the answer is yes. The interior of the meteorite was never heated above 50 degrees C.

Now, Steve Benner claims that the element “molybdenum” (which appears to be important for the origin of life) could have been available on the surface of early Mars. Molybdenum has catalyzing properties – it can enhance chemical reactions & is used by most organisms for that purpose.  Earth’s surface was oxygen-poor at that time, with an atmosphere that inhibited oxidation, and molybdenum is only soluble in the oxidized state. The Martian surface had become oxidized earlier in time, and was in that state presumably during that early phase when life would have originated.

These hypothesis do not certain that life developed this way. From a geological viewpoint, any planet has a multitude of environments, not just a single one.

New ideas and theories should be welcomed as it adds yet another dot on the knowledge line of life. We still have light years of distance to cover, so continue reading and we, at SearchOfLife, will continue to share all possible views on life and its origin as we move further on this journey.

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