The Essence of Human Rights



Everyone has a right to flower, to reveal their full potential as a human being, to fulfill their mission in this world. You have it, and so does everyone else. That is the meaning of human rights. To scorn and violate people’s human rights serves to destroy the whole natural order of things. We must become people who prize human rights and respect others.

Unfortunately, in our human world it does not always work this way. Some find it impossible to respect those who are different, so they discriminate against them or pick on them. They violate those people’s rights as individual. This is the source of much unhappiness in the world.

Bullying is just a war in miniature. Be it in school, college or workplace, ragging has become a rampant problem which is having a detrimental effect on the society. That pettiness, arrogance, jealousy and self-centeredness all of those base and destructive emotions violate human rights. On a larger scale, they manifest as war and crime.

Whatever the reason, bullying is wrong. Maybe those who bully others have their excuses. Maybe they want to take out their own pain on others. But whatever the reason or motive, bullying and discrimination are impossible to justify.

No matter how long and bitter the winter may be, spring always follows. This is the law of the universe and the law of life. The same applies in our own lives. If we seem to be weathering an endless winter, we mustn’t abandon hope. As long as we have hope, spring will come without fail.

Spring is a time of blossoming. The cherry has its distinct beauty. The plum has its delicate fragrance. The peach blossom has its lovely colour and the apricot has its special flavour. Every person has a singular mission, their own individuality and way of living. It’s important to recognize that truth and respect it. That is the natural order of things. That is how It works in the world of flowers: Myriad flowers bloom together harmoniously in beautiful profusion.

We all need to agree that bullying or ragging is a crime against humanity. Part of fight for human rights is standing up firmly to those who are doing bad things. Another part of that fight is protecting the good people.

Even if you find yourself unable to do or say anything right now, it’s important to recognize that bullying is wrong. Rather than deciding that you’re useless, concentrate on developing yourself so that you can effect a positive change in the future. If you leap into the fray and get beaten up yourself, it won’t solve anything. You have to find a long-term solution.

Hence, we cannot hope to prevent abuses of those rights from taking place unless we cultivate an awareness of human rights in our society. In our future posts we will look at other aspects which hinder human rights in our society.

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