What makes Man the worst Animal?



Man, is aptly known as the Animal, not in a positive evolutionary sense, but as a rather reckless and thoughtless individual, despite being the best beneficiary of evolution, with an exponentially well developed brain. Such, mental prowess, should enable man to stop relenting to the basal survival instinct.

defn. Civilization, n. An advanced state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society, marked by progress in the arts and sciences, the extensive use of record-keeping, including writing, and the appearance of complex political and social institutions.

The above, is a dictionary definition of civilization. It serves more as a grim reminder of things overlooked, maybe some lessons missed, than as a reference to the current human civilization.

As Mark Twain would have put it, “What is Man? Man is a noisome (offensively smelly) bacillus (bacterium) whom Our Heavenly Father created because he was disappointed in the monkey.”

An excerpt from the autobiography of Mark Twain, paints the whole picture aptly.

“Man is the only Patriot. He sets himself apart in his own country, under his own flag, and sneers at the other nations, and keeps multitudinous uniformed assassins on hand at heavy expense to grab slices of other people’s countries, and keep them from grabbing slices of his. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood of his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man”- with his mouth.

Man has been called the laughing animal to distinguish from the others – but the monkey laughs & he has been called the animal that weeps-but several of the others do that. Man is merely & exclusively the immodest animal, for he is the only one that covers his nakedness, the only one with a soiled mind, the only one under the dominion of a false shame.

This is an endless debate, consisting of opinions, thoughts, arising out of denial, shirking of responsibility, condemning others, short sightedness, selfishness and such prevalent vices. But the truth remains, and it is the only one. Yet we still remain hopeful, for resilience is in our nature just as emotion is at the center of our being. A need to care, a will to work towards a healthy future. We hope to make this an informative collaboration of our own shortcomings and a valuable source for overcoming them and learning from our own faults.

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