Words Give Our Life Meaning So Don’t Take Away Theirs



We effortlessly pick up a lot of ideas and thoughts plainly because of their corniness and cockiness.  That is what attracts us, and that is what we reproduce elsewhere and every where we go, in the form of words. But, the thing about words is that they tend to lose meaning when used often. They are a powerful tool, that allow us to convey something as simple as a greeting or something as important as our deepest unspoken thoughts. So, don’t use them recklessly, think what you mean before you spew it and ahead of that choose carefully and use wisely, for what are words without meaning?

A bunch of alphabets grouped together based on rules or just bland monotones spewed from your mouth. So save words, for their meaning. Don’t deprive them of it and don’t disembowel them of their essence. For if you use them inconsiderably they won’t be of the same meaning they were once, when the time demanded them to be.

Even though the feelings they carry may still linger it would be of no use, it would simply be too late, they might not be able to create the same feelings which once they were meant to express, or any feelings for the sake.

So, don’t deprive them of their essence for they may deprive your life of its. Again, what are words that mean nothing? In time, words are all that you would be left with, and that is what you do not want, that is not what one wishes for. They will sound the same, might even mean the same, but yet would lack that sound and resonance, the feelings they incited. They would be stripped of all they stood for only to be left, plainly, emotionless, and meaningless.

The ones that mattered will be long gone, and the ones that don’t matter would be the only ones left to listen. Words give your life meaning, so don’t selfishly take away theirs.

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