The Journey of Life



You are just a conditioned, by-product of the system. Are you aware of that? Do you still remember what you were once, and are you cognizant of what you have become? Just to prove my point I will ask you this, and I will tell you before hand what your answer is going to be. So you may get a glimpse of what you have turned into.

Before that, I would like to remind you of your past, of the time, when you were as energetic as the morning sun and capricious like the humid winds. Not just you, but everyone has been through that period, of liveliness and rebellion. When you were so engrossed in something, you had forgotten of time, of other things, and then came the undeniable moment, when you were asked to let it go. You were asked to try something else, be someone else, and were overburdened by those imposing beliefs and expectations which only served the purpose of taking away yourself from you. You rebelled, you fought, you panicked, you cried, but there were so many encumbering things laid upon you that you had not even time to think about what you lost by being forced to let go.

There was this rebellion of confessing your inner feelings, professing your real love and passion, but all was sadly, in vain. It was as if your soul was being picked up and ripped into so many bits and pieces you did not know what was left, or what you were and what you were supposed to do from then on. As there was no one to understand, no channel for your feelings to exist in and thrive and be nurtured in. That was when you changed and became some one totally not yourself. That was when you started filling that hole in the ground with sand, and now you have sunk so deep in it, that you know not of it and even if you realize it you will have no footing to stand back on. But still there is hope, there always is, even in the most adverse of situations, for we are our own creators and we decide our own future.

You remember when you rebelled, you spoke up, voiced your feelings and thoughts but there was no place for them, they lacked a channel which would have been a pathway for yourself to exist and thrive in. So you fell back, collapsed, bare boned and baseless without anything to fall back on, just shackles to be chained by. But these weren’t just your shackles, they were of million others. But for them they were no longer shackles, they had become their place of comfort, a rope which they held onto tightly, a rope which saved them from themselves. So how different is a rope that saves you from being you, from a shackle.

So now you are here, all cozied up and deep in this pit, your comfort zone or more realistically, the hole you dug yourself and filled it with sand, that will stop you from getting out. Yet all seems just ordinary, normal, just like it was supposed to be. But it is not, it is just too predictable, patterned, and scripted. A semblance of the ‘rut’ you have been in all your life. Maybe it is time to realize that, awaken yourself from this deep slumber.

If not now, then I tell you this, you will be on your death bed, dawned by this wall of uncertainty that lingered all your life, that reminded you of the things you didn’t do and should have done, and what you didn’t be and should have become, and if you would have done that, all this would be different, the people staring into your dying eyes would be different, the world around you would have been different, and most importantly, you would have embraced this passing away as comfortably as you would have life if you would have not become this. You would have felt joy, or a sense of accomplishment never felt before. But that is what won’t happen if you keep doing what you are now. If you don’t abandon what you have become to realize yourself of what you truly are, then you will die, die alone, even though surrounded by hundreds, you will feel empty, even though having done so much, you will feel discontent.

So let it not be your deathbed when all this happens, let it be tonight when you go to bed. Decide to start the morning unlike every other morning, where you start to create your world with you at the center and your inner self translating into every word, thought and action. Lastly, just be what you truly are, just go out there and be yourself.

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