A Writer’s Note



I am uncertain about my life as much I am certain about few things. Writing is one of those things that helps me focus, pen down thoughts, and in some way hopefully it will help me contribute to the world for a much better future. It severely irks me when people say money is everything and the world is driven by it. I believe in passion, dreams, selflessness and a greater purpose.

That is what will help us progress as group of people as a nation as a race and as humans together. This economically driven society has been reliant on these malformed beliefs for a long time. Treating every individual as a cog wheel that will shaped based on its rules to fit into the system. I want to make sure that the generations to come realize what is important in life and worth chasing after. I am hoping that I would have made a change for good for our kids who will in turn ensure the safety of humanity’s future as whole.

Career is a concept that has bewildered me often. The first time when I have been truly certain of what I want to do with my life or at the least partly certain. It may look like that I am trying to break the conventional norms about life and career choices. But that is not my motive. I have come to believe that either one lives or one works, you cannot do both. Passion is what drives us, we are emotional beings misled in the large scheme of things. Society’s premeditated laws influence an individuals most critical life choices. Young talent pushed down the machine to be shaped and carved into something that is accepted in order to fit the economic system. This is the same system that has created ten more gaps for every gap it tried to fill with money as the main motive behind every action.

My life is just the same as many others, a byproduct of this system. I was pushed around to do things that were expected of me, it was all too cumbersome, never did I feel I was enjoying what I was doing. I breezed through every year only to hope for better things the next year. Some embraced the system, I wanted to do better, be a change, find a cause, a greater purpose. The first time I took up writing was post my MBA. I started writing for a tech blog. It was something that I spend hours doing without realizing it. Penning down words/poems in the middle of everlasting lectures was something I had started long ago. Though I never found a channel or never though of that as a career. Currently, I write philosophical and science based posts for SearchOfLife.

It has been a rich experience as it has enabled me to understand myself and the things around me better. I want to change the generation old pattern which involves parents unknowingly treating kids more like investments that will generate returns than young individuals having their own dreams. I want ensure that this is not repeated with my kids and the coming generation who will decide the future of humanity. I want to try my best to set an example.

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