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This post is a part of #BAD2015 (Blog Action Day). This day is dedicated to sharing stories, spreading awareness over a common theme. I think it serves as a reminder, a wake-up call, that even a few words being keyed in sitting in front of a screen, with nothing but genuine intent and purity of the heart, can serve as an impetus to bring about change. A change which is then reflected when we leave our houses and go on with our lives, as the traces of that desire still linger within in and collectively when we come together these traces form the unbreakable bond that will transgress any evils that have, do or ever will come to threaten us. 

Raising voice often alludes to an external entity that is going against your or causing some unfairness or unjustness. But what I want to really implore is no matter how far off, incorrect, unjust the individual or group may be, it is for us to recognize that isolating them and directing the blame on them is not the solution. We are equally responsible for what happens in our immediate (and even far off societies) society.

We are either indifferent through inaction, which is how we continue to support and encourage the wrongs occurring around us and continue to hold up this example of social isolation with one individual and the life and family of that individual being separate from another and on the other hand we do it through our actions whenever we act based on recklessness, and thoughtless actions which originate from our ignorance on the matter and our lack of prudence due to inexperience.

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The problem inherently I believe on an individual scale is that we as individuals are far too young and naive and far from maturing into the tolerant understanding and thoughtful individuals we ought to be. We thus are often slaves to our poorly formed thoughts and actions which even after decades of life experience do not take root into any sort of ideals that are firm, unwavering, uninfluenced and impartial.

Criticisms, judgments, opinions, snide remarks, comments, serve no purpose at the end of the day.

Our impulses and our inability to handle things such as managing our emotions, having control over our reactions, and maintaining decorum are a living proof of our own lack of development as thinking and working men and women of the society. Yet when the time comes we have learned to show up with some sort of contrived evidence to prove the contrary only nodding to each others incapacities to helm the responsibility of what we are bestowed with.

Maintaining harmony even in a small conversation between known groups is also at times a difficult task for us as we are immediately threatened by anything that goes against what we believe. And this threat or this festering sense of isolation from the world around us is a direct result of the failure to see that our lives are interdependent and intertwined, and what the group collectively thinks and believes will determine our future and how the society progresses into the future.

It is not about the opinion of the majority but whether that opinion has been influenced or swayed in any manner and if not so then is it firmly grounded in truth? And does it account for the betterment of the collective whole?

I want to end this by saying that – let us not look at any issue as unrelated to our own lives, and even the one that might seem to have transgressed into some irredeemable and seemingly unforgivable form of evil, let us not externalize it and treat as a threat originating from something we have no influence over and are not responsible for.

We ought to look at things as we would look ourselves in the mirror, and only after a moment of silent reflection, approach them. Criticisms, judgments, opinions, snide remarks, comments, serve no purpose at the end of the day. Even though empires may have been built with these ideas as the underlying foundations, it all is merely white noise, garbled nothingness, which is as fickle as the powered dust that scatters and is nowhere to be seen after it is blown away with the slightest breeze. So raise awareness, but remember, we are together, there is no enemy, aside from our own self.

– end –

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P.S. I would love to give credit to Nabita and her great discourse on this matter. To find some sane, thoughtful contemplation on the matter amidst all the agitated purposeless chatter was really a great inspiration and got me to punch in some words right away, even though just a few minutes away from the end of the day.

P.S.S. I have joined a linky party to meet up and connect with new bloggers. You too can join in by clicking on the badge below.

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P.S.S.S. And thanks to Elena from Living with Batman for organizing this lovely event.

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