Bringing Out the Best in One’s Personality : Part III



There are many areas where people are unhappy with their personality. The very fact that you are troubled means that you can change those things causing you suffering. Adults tend to just resign themselves to fate and give up on their personality altogether. That, however, is where their growth ends. As long as we are moving forward and continue to grow, we will inevitably face various problems and inner struggles. If you keep challenging yourself without giving up, you will definitely come to develop courage and strength.

Personality is also viewed in a number of ways in psychology. One view looks at personality in terms of a concentric circle. At the very core of this circle exists our most basic nature. Around that is the side of us that is shaped by habit and custom, and surrounding that is the part of our personality we have formed to cope with various situations and circumstances.

There are some people who just ramble on mindlessly without having anything meaningful to say. A person of few words is likely to have far more substance and depth than someone who talks for the sake of hearing their own voice. Someone who takes action swiftly and effectively is a great deal more trustworthy than someone who is all talk. Of greater importance than whether one is quiet or talkative is whether or not one possesses rich inner substance. The beautiful smile or small unconscious gesture of a person with a rich heart, even if they are reticent, will speak for them more eloquently than any words. And often such people will speak out with authority and confidence at a crucial moment.

We should keep our anger alive, and continue to fight against injustice tenaciously and courageously. Those who have done so have effected positive change to benefit their fellow human beings. It is also vital that we strive toward our goals in life with fierce perseverance and determination. In short, it is important to work at becoming a person who views things not in terms of your own tiny selfish concerns, but from a larger more generous perspective. People who are strict with themselves often feel that way – it’s a sign of a sincere and laudable character. No one has only faults or only merits. We all have a mixture of both. Therefore, you should strive to develop and polish your positive attributes. As you do so, your shortcomings will fade until they are no longer apparent. Also, if someone should point out your faults, rather than getting offended or upset, it would be to your benefit to listen calmly and objectively to what they have to say as constructive criticism. Once you take your place in society, there won’t be many people who will be honest with you.

The core aspect of our personality isn’t easy to change. Yet other aspects of our personality can sometimes change so much that people may comment that we seem like a completely different person. Anyway, you have to be true to yourself. You have to follow your own path and do your best to contribute to society. Education equips us with what we need to do that and faith is what fuels our other words, we become our most attractive selves when we pursue a goal that allows us to fully develop and make use of our unique character. A strong life force can bring forth the most positive aspects of our personality.

All rivers, irrespective of their differences, flow unceasingly and unflaggingly to the sea. If we, too, continue to make persistent efforts, we will eventually reach the great ocean of happiness for ourselves and others. We will savor a life of boundless freedom and potential in which we ourselves shine brightly while celebrating and encouraging the individuality of others.

The important thing is to accomplish everything you possible can. You’ll be more surprised than anyone at how much you can achieve. All of us possess such unlimited potential!

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