The Dilemma of Choosing a Career



Few people in this world are fortunate enough to know their mission from the outset. Often children are heard saying that their parents want them to become doctors or engineers. Some may have the dream of becoming a journalist but don’t think they have it in them to become one. Some loom in darkness thinking about their limited choices because of subjects they take. For some their dreams keep changing with every new person they meet. Some of them don’t even go ahead and choose  a career which they like due to lack of confidence and fear of failing. So what is one’s aim in life or what one should become?

Well, life is long. The true result of one’s daily struggles to find their mission may not be revealed to them until they reach their forties, fifties and sixties. So it is important that each one should find something – it doesn’t matter what – with which they can challenge themselves while they are young.

Everyone has a unique mission or purpose that only he or she can fulfill. That is what defines them and sets them apart from others and at times brings together individuals sharing the same purpose. That doesn’t mean, however that you should sit around and do nothing, waiting for the answer to come to you or for someone to tell you what it is. By challenging yourself, you will finally discover your mission on your own. Passion is an important ingredient as well which lifts one up and pushes forth the individual to become what he or she wants to be in life.

You are like a mountain concealing a precious gem. Precious gems start out buried underground. If they are not mined, they’ll stay buried. And if they aren’t polished once they’ve been dug out, they will remain forever in the rough. What a shame it would be to end your life without having uncovered your inner jewel. So when parents and teachers tell you to study hard, they are saying in effect, by plunging into any area that interests you, you can unearth the jewel in your life and find satisfaction in making it possible. Tenacity is crucial. You cannot make the gem inside you shine with half-hearted efforts.

Many jobs require a certain level of academic qualification and experience. Some people start working right out of high school, either by choice or because of their family situation. Others join the work force after graduating from college, while others become home-makers. Some people aim to become public servants, and still others strive to gain technical proficiency in some field. The bottom line is that there are many options, all of which you are at liberty to choose from.

One must remember that getting a job is just one of the several starting points in uncovering our true abilities, it is absolutely not the final goal. And instead of getting a job you can always pursue your field of interest and make a living out of it. There is no need to be impatient. It is important that one unearths the mountain of life steadily, without rushing or giving up, in order to acquire them gem at the core. Career opportunities will present themselves at the right time but the most important thing is to have perseverance.

So when you decide what you want to do in the future, forge ahead purposefully. Do not be half-hearted. When you pursue something with strong determination, you will have no regrets even should you fail. And if you succeed, you can achieve truly great things. Whether you fail or succeed, your steady efforts will lead you to your next path.

Remember this, do not be impatient to reach the destination. That is just one part of life, the significant part is the path you choose, and to believe in it. Once you do that, you will know that the journey and the experiences along that path are more important than just getting to the end, be it getting a degree, reaching a high position or being a top scorer.

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