The Secret to Winning Life



Each of us possesses the potential for a winning life. Within us is the ability to live with courage, to have fulfilling relationships, to enjoy good health and prosperity, to feel and show true compassion for others, and the power to face and surmount our deepest problems.

Crucial to living a winning life is to undergo an inner transformation that will enable us to bring out our highest human qualities and change our circumstances. This process is a revolution of our own character, an individual human revolution. Such, genuine qualities transcend ourselves and affect the ones around us positively. Soon, we rise together, and fight together. These primordial characteristics that define us are often overlooked by others and in turn ourselves. Hence, the disharmony around us. So, in essence, it is not an individualistic approach to growth, but an altruistic one, enriching oneself and consequentially the ones around you.

How many times, at work, has your boss come across as hostile often leaving you unheard and felt ignored? Though you may be an expert at hiding negativity, every once in a while it rears its ugly head. Perhaps your co-workers or boss perceive you in turn as not being entirely committed to the success of your job, or that you have a bad attitude. Whatever maybe the reasons, these result in us missing the opportunities for advancements because of poor relationship. This is a common scenario in today’s work culture.

So how do we change that?  Positive attitude in life can be the game changer. Suppose you start coming to work with a new attitude that is not just a mental adjustment but an outlook bolstered by a deep sense of vitality, confidence and compassion, and based upon serious self-reflection. Your compassion leads you to have empathy for your boss’s situation. Armed with a new understanding, you treat your boss differently, offering support and finding yourself less and less discouraged by any negativity he or she may display toward you. Your boss begins to see you in a new light. Opportunities present themselves.

In life, it’s not the genetic person who wins or the guy who has the potential to win. It’s the person with perseverance who wins. Always wants to get up and go at it again. That’s the person we need to be. ‘I failed.’ is ten times more of a man than ‘What if..?’ Cause ‘What if..?’ never went to the arena! The following video featuring Greg Plitt reveals what can make the difference.

This is obviously a very simple example and many of us would say this is a natural thing to do, but to live this way every day requires a basic change in our hearts and character. Perseverance is the most important ingredient to this and once we make the change in our lives, like a never-ending domino effect, we can have continual impact on people around us.

Life is ever-changing, moment-to-moment. The only constant in life is change. Our minds are constantly in flux, and while one minute we may have the courage to conquer the world, the next minute we can be overwhelmed by even the simplest occurrences. But if we have the determination to face the challenges which come in our lives, meet them face to face with the belief that no matter what we will be victorious, we all will have the ability to live a winning life.

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