Follow Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams



Many times parents or well-meaning friends may try to persuade you to set a goal you do not feel comfortable with. Though they may have your best interests in mind and it is important to thank them and consider what they say – you must listen to your heart

There are several simple reasons for this. One reason you should let their opinion pass is because of the amount of information known to them and its relevancy. One person can only know this much. If the size of the amount of information available is the sun, then how much a person really knows might just be the size of an atom, and the rest all, pure informationless and opinionated drivel. Though they would try to make the best of what they know and suggest you accordingly, their suggestion might not necessarily serve you as best. Another reason being their knowledge of you i.e. how much they know about you and whether they are answering, keeping in mind your perspective.

Again, what matters most is the extent to which you can realize your potential and how much you can contribute to other’s happiness. To do this, you have to forge a solid sense of identity. You need to build your foundation and become strong. You may say you want a happy family, but happiness is not handed to you on a platter. You will become happy only to the extent that you develop a strong inner core. You may say that you want to be a kind person, but to exhibit true kindness requires that you be strong.

It is important to savour the joy that comes from living with fresh and constantly growing aspirations as you strive to realize the dreams and goals you have resolved to pursue. In other words, we become our best selves when pursuing a goal that allows us to fully develop and make use of our uniqueness. Not many can find the perfect job from the start. Some may have a job they like, but it doesn’t put food on the table, or their job may pay well, but they hate it. That’s the way things go sometimes. Also, some discover that they’re just not cut out for the career they had dreamed of.

But when someone chooses his or her ideal fields one has to make sure to be indispensable wherever they are. Instead of moaning that a job falls short of what you’d like to be doing, one must become a first-class individual at that particular job. This will open the path leading to the next phase in their lives, during which also it is important to continue doing their best. Such continuous efforts are guaranteed to land them on a job they like, support their life, and also allow them to contribute to society. It’s perfectly alright for youth to cherish dreams that may seem almost too big. What we can achieve in a single lifetime is always but a fraction of what we would like to achieve. So if we start out with expectations that are low, we may end up not accomplishing anything at all.

Of course, if you make no efforts, your dream will amount to nothing but sheer fantasy. Efforts and hard work are the bridge that connect your dreams to reality. Those who make steady efforts are filled with hope. And hope, in turn, arises from steady efforts. We can lead fulfilling lives when we work towards a great goal. And when we look back later, we will see how our past efforts have become precious assets in our ideal fields. We will realize that none of the efforts and hardships have been wasted.

So, embrace your dreams and advance as far as they can carry you.

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