What is Happiness?



In our last post we dissected one of the several misconceptions associated with our positive human emotion, happiness and how it is has been misconstrued by our society since time long past. In short, material things such as money, physical possessions have been wrongly looked at as the source of happiness.

A simple definition of happiness is, ‘state of mind associated with positive and pleasant emotions like contentment and intense joy’.  Simply put happiness is your state of mind. Many fields have looked into happiness and tried to identify its source and define it in a more concrete manner, but deep down at the core of the word happiness lies just one explanation, which is, happiness being your mental state. This in itself just slams all the so called beliefs about happiness. Happiness is a state within ourselves that has the capability to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive, thus debasing any difficult situation to create a much pleasant and bearable one.

We have shockingly distorted the essence of happiness through our own naiveness and shortsightedness. With years of civilization and development, this situation has prevailed and actually worsened. This just proves how important it is now for us to look inside, to examine our foundation of values and beliefs to take control of something that lies within ourselves, for our own sake.

Amazingly though our trained approach to seek out superficial goals ahead of understanding the inner meaning has caused us to loose sight of ourselves, several fields such as philosophy and psychology have identified the various sources of habits and debunked several myths. We will look in detail at the sources of happiness and the most simplest steps you can take to attain true and lasting happiness in our coming posts.

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