The Value of Friendship



True friendship is a relationship where you empathize with your friends when they are suffering and encourage them not to lose heart. And they, in turn, do the same for you. How many times we have felt a need to approach our close friends when we are engulfed in our problems and need to open our heart out? A close circle of friends ha become a necessity in our current societal pattern and its needed more than never before.  

Friendship often begins simply by liking someone because he or she spends lot of time with you or, perhaps, help you with your work in some way or the other. You may start liking someone who is nice to you and with whom you get along well and have a lot in common. While friendships may begin spontaneously and develop themselves, deep friendships are supported by a spirit to grow and advance. Between you and your friends there must be a commitment to always be there to encourage and help one another as you work towards your respective goals in life.

To have some ambition, such as graduating from a university or making a meaningful contribution to society, is important. Those who lack a clear, positive purpose or direction in life tend to have friendships that lead nowhere or are based on dependency. In some cases, positive purpose or direction in life tend to have friendships that lead nowhere or are based on dependency. I some cases, these types of friendships actually encourage destructive behaviour. But friendships among people who cheerfully encourage one another while striving to realize their dreams are the kind that deepen and endure.

Character and integrity are indispensable for making friends. True friendship is unconcerned with social status or rank. You can make real friends only when you open, when you share with others what’s in your heart. A selfish, egotistical person cannot make true friends.

The tie that links one person’s heart to another is sincerity. For adults, self-interest or personal gain often comes into play, and fleeting friendships are formed as the result of temporary circumstance. But friendships made in one’s youth are generally free of artificiality. Nothing is more wonderful or precious than true friendships formed when you are young.

Your friends from junior high and high school, even elementary school, are like your fellow actors, appearing in the same play with you on the stage of life. Some you may never forget for the rest of your life.

Such friendships flow as beautifully as a pure, fresh stream. The clear and unspoiled currents of two people converge in sincerity, moving positively towards their respective dreams. Struggling and growing together, they share each other’s hardships, always encouraging and supporting each other, creating an even broader, deeper and purer river of friendship. The beauty and clarity of this river will inspire all who see it to want to drink from its waters, too.

Friendship is true wealth. There have been many famous sayings about it throughout the ages. No matter how much status or wealth people may gain, those without friends are indeed sad and lonely. A life without friendship leads to an unbalanced, self-centered existence. Life is truly incomplete without friends.

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