Staying True To Oneself



In a relationship real caring, depth or even love is missing when he or she is constantly seeking their partner’s approval. If one is not being treated the way the heart says one should be, then he or she should have the courage and dignity to decide that they would be better off risking their partner’s scorn than enduring unhappiness.

A shallow person will have only shallow relationships. Real love is not one person clinging to another, it can only be fostered between two strong people secure in their individuality. Rather than becoming so love-struck it seems only the two of you exist, it is much healthier to continue making efforts to improve and develop yourself while learning from those aspects of your partner that you respect and admire. Relationships last longer when both partners share similar values and belief.

True love is not about doing whatever the other person wants or pretending you are something you’re not. Someone who genuinely loves you will not insist that you do anything against your will or embroil you in some dangerous activity. Without respect, no relationship will last very long nor can two people can bring out the best in each other. The responsibility of men is to be strong enough to care about the lifelong happiness of their partners. For men who strive to cultivate this quality, it is also an expression of true love. For women too it is of prime importance to trust their partners at every step. Trusting each other just strengthens the bond of love. Trust is the true pillar of any relationship and it can either grow or diminish with the passage of time.

Also, it is important to think about when you have children of your own – when they fall in love, how would you as a parent like to see them treated? If you can’t imagine that scenario, you are not yet ready for love. It’s important for everyone to have at least one person with whom they can talk about anything – especially about love. There are many who close themselves off from their friends and family. Although it’s fine to keep some things to yourself, but sometimes secrets may hurt you. In matters concerning love, it is to your benefit to accept that you are not necessarily the best judge of your situation and to have the wisdom to turn to others for their objective opinions and advice.

No matter how much one may appear to be enjoying oneself now or how serious one may think is about their relationship, if one allows their love life to consume their time and energy at the expense of their growth, then they’re just playing a game. And if they are always playing games, then their life will be just that, a game.

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