Food Cravings – Ten Ways of Controlling Them



Oscar Wilde once quoted “I can resist anything except temptation.” This particular quote seems quite apt when it comes to food cravings, irrespective of it being cooked food or raw food. Food cravings are observed in both young and the aged. That irresistible desire of eating mouthwatering dishes, or the cravings for eating chocolates are something which may look tempting, but when it comes to health, they should be avoided. So today let us look at some ways of controlling food cravings.

Eat enough protein. Snack on raw almonds, low-fat cheese, sugar-free yogurt, or leftover chicken. Small amounts of protein throughout the day are the single best strategy for balancing blood sugar and energy levels and eliminating cravings.
Supplement with trace minerals. Make sure to get enough zinc picolinate and chromium picolinate, which balance blood sugar by helping insulin work more effectively.
Use herbs and spices liberally for added flavor and for the blood-sugar-balancing effects they have.
Check for Candida. Make sure you do not have an over­growth of Candida albicans in the GI tract. A low-carbohydrate diet combined with high-quality refrigerated acidophilus and bulgaricus products may be helpful.
Avoid foods that you may be allergic or intolerant to. Common offenders include wheat and all wheat-containing foods, milk and dairy products, and others. Often the food you crave most is the one you are allergic or intolerant to.
If you crave chocolate, try magnesium. Chocolate is more than delicious; it is a rich source of magnesium, which most people lack. A deficiency in magnesium may trigger choc­olate cravings. It has been seen that supplements of magnesium of 500 milligram per day and/or epsom salt baths help relieve choco­late cravings.
Avoid sugar in all forms, which triggers unstable blood sugar levels and increases cravings.
Standardized panax ginseng extract can be very helpful at boosting energy levels and balancing blood sugar, both of which are needed to eliminate cravings.
Use flaxseed oil. If you are craving fatty foods, increase your intake of essential fatty acids through foods like flax, walnut, and canola oils.
Exercise. Moderate aerobic exercise decreases cravings by helping tissues respond better to insulin, and by increasing the level of free fatty acids in the blood that can be used for energy.


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