Humanity’s Extinction Due To Environmental Destruction



In the last post we have seen the grave situation our world faces in the future in the absence of forests and also the ill effects of environmental degradation. So the time is now to focus on measures which we can take in order to save our planet from extinction.

To throw trash or aluminium cans by the roadside is the selfish behaviour of someone living in a world where such actions demonstrate an egoism that cares nothing for others. It is an unnatural way to live. A person who loves nature is simply unable to litter. Tossing one’s trash away carelessly is to toss away one’s humanity.

By the same token, one who loves nature can cherish other human beings, value peace and possess a richness of character unfettered by selfish calculations of personal gain and loss. Those who live in a calculating way will end up calculating their own worth in the same manner. Such a life is limited in the extreme.

People might think there is no reward in picking trash others have strewn about. But it’s important to do this out of love for nature – without thinking about one may or may not gain. Our survival of the future depends on these types of small yet noble actions.

Only through such selfless actions can we live the best way as human beings. Because technology has advanced to the extent it has, it is more important than ever for each person to develop an awareness of environmental protection. Any apparent material improvements are illusory unless we enhance the fundamental quality of our lives. There is no limitation to an individual as to what he or she can do to contribute in protecting our environment.

It doesn’t require any high level education, or even education at that for you to know, how to act responsibly. Such acts and habits should not require rewards and incentives for implementation, they should be done implicitly, without a need for persuasion.

We have to firmly root it in our minds that, we are dependent on the Earth, not the other way around. In our arrogance, we have flagrantly overlooked this. The blue of the oceans, the white of the clouds prove that Earth is a water planet, a planet sparkling with life. That’s why it is important for each and every one of us to have a thinking process that recognizes everything in the universe as living and sacred. Only then we will be able to respect the nature and save it for our future generations.

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