A Recollection of Happiness



At Search Of Life, we have dived deep into the topic of happiness and the associated constructs. We will now have a recap of the various sources of happiness, the misinformed and malformed notions and beliefs associated with it. We will follow this post by pin pointing the real sources of happiness and how you can use small steps daily to acquire true lasting happiness from within. 

Happiness is…

“A simple definition of happiness is, ‘state of mind associated with positive and pleasant emotions like contentment and intense joy’.  Simply put happiness is your state of mind. Many fields have looked into happiness and tried to identify its source and define it in a more concrete manner, but deep down at the core of the word happiness lies just one explanation, which is, happiness being your mental state. This in itself just slams all the so called beliefs about happiness. Happiness is a state within ourselves that has the capability to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive, thus debasing any difficult situation to create a much pleasant and bearable one…”

It is not a destination, but a journey…

“Be ambitious and keep striving towards the future. If you’re not happy with your achievements in high school, then give it all at college. If that’s not your satisfaction, there’s still hope after graduation as you challenge yourself as an active member of the society. You haven’t failed until you have given up on understanding yourself and realizing the importance of life and what truly matters to you. Success is then yours. Often success in life might not even reveal itself until we reach our forties or fifties, or even later. If you experience setback along the way, continue with a fighting spirit into your forties, fifties, sixties and seventies…”

It does not depend on external factors…

“The fact is, only when we undergo difficulties is that we can become the kind of people who will be able to understand other’s feelings. The pain and sorrow will cultivate the earth of our inner being. And from there, we can bring forth the compassion and purpose to work for people’s happiness. Money, fame and material possessions are nothing but relative happiness as they offer only fleeting satisfaction. However to establish absolute happiness we need to transform our lives from within. When we develop a state of mind as vast and resplendent as a magnificent palace, then nothing, not even where we are or what we encounter in our lives can undermine or destroy our happiness…”

It is easily gained…

“Our individual circle of friendship is part of the global circle of friendship; it is one and the same. A drop of rain from the sky, a drop of water from the river, or a drop of water from the ocean are all just that – a drop of water – until they accumulate. The friends we make in our own small circle contribute to the spread of friendship around the world. Making one true friend is a step towards creating world peace…”

It never is late…

“Life is always a work in progress, a process of continual development of yourself, be it in body, mind or soul. To be growing and improving are wonderful things. Just continue to press on tenaciously to find your way forward despite the suffering and pain that are part of youth and growing up. Indeed, that’s the only way to grow. It is important not to lose hope. Losing hope is, in a way like living in a winter of the spirit. No matter how long and bitter the winter may be, spring always follows. This is the law of the universe, the law of life. The same applies to us. If we seem to be weathering an endless winter, we mustn’t abandon hope. As long as we have hope, spring is near. It will come without fail…”

Happiness is mutual, for a man and a woman…

“True love is not about doing whatever the other person wants or pretending you are something you’re not. Someone who genuinely loves you will not insist that you do anything against your will or embroil you in some dangerous activity. Without respect, no relationship will last very long nor can two people can bring out the best in each other. The responsibility of men is to be strong enough to care about the lifelong happiness of their partners. For men who strive to cultivate this quality, it is also an expression of true love. For women too it is of prime importance to trust their partners at every step. Trusting each other just strengthens the bond of love. Trust is the true pillar of any relationship and it can either grow or diminish with the passage of time…”

On our journey, at Search Of Life, we will soon provide a collection (based on several research studies) of the most simple steps of happiness you can take daily and stop blindly chasing after small bouts of fleeting emotions and finally conquer true happiness.

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